Academy Films

Production Company

Title Medium Date
'Can I Be Gay in the Army?' British Military Answers in Controversial Campaign Video Jan 16, 2018
Cadbury Is All About Kindness in Relaunch Campaign for Dairy Milk Video Jan 11, 2018
A Fairy Tale Ends With a Twist in This Spot for Green & Black's Chocolate Video Oct 19, 2017
A Lazy Lion's Natural Habitat Is the Sofa in Ikea's Funny Ad Video Jul 13, 2017
Can This Spot Succeed in Making Us Emotional About Frozen Peas? Video Nov 15, 2016
An Epic Workout and 'Bus Stop Fitness Sessions' Feature in Lucozade's Campaign to Get People Exercising Video Sep 15, 2016
Virgin Media's Usain Bolt Ad Demonstrates What 9.58 Seconds Feels Like Video Jul 06, 2016 Loves Football With Thierry Henry Interactive (video) Jul 05, 2016
Barclaycard Celebrates Britain as a 'Nation of Shopkeepers' in a Patriotic Spot Video May 31, 2016
A GoPro Camera in a Hula Hoop Results in a Mesmerizing Fashion Ad Video Oct 21, 2015
Hovis Updates its Classic 'Boy on Bike' Motif With Spectacular VFX Video Oct 02, 2015
Jonathan Glazer Directs Cryptic, Classy Films for Channel 4's Rebrand Video Sep 30, 2015
This Sad, Grubby Stuffed Duck Will Make You Smile in Cadbury's Feel-Good Spot Video May 18, 2015
KFC Teaches a Six-Year-Old to Share in This Funny Holiday Ad Video Dec 04, 2014
Jonathan Glazer Turns Wildlife Director With This Peaceful Canon Spot Video Dec 03, 2014
What's Even Worse Than Your Team Losing? This Charming KFC Spot Explains Video Oct 20, 2014
Jonathan 'Sexy Beast' Glazer Captures a Truly Insane Italian Ball Game for Canon Video Sep 15, 2014
The Sunday Times Links Icons Of Modern Culture In One Take Video Feb 03, 2014
Barclays Pays Tribute To Premier League Fans Around The World Video Oct 30, 2013
TalkTalk Creates A Magical Date Night -- with a 'Mannequin' Flavor Video Sep 09, 2013
Antony and the Johnsons' 'Cut the World' Slasher Video Makes Saatchi's 2013 New Directors Showcase Video Jun 20, 2013
Blue Cross/Blue Shield: Fast Food Restaurant Video Sep 11, 2012
Blue Cross/Blue Shield: Shopping Video Sep 11, 2012
Emirates: Hello Tomorrow Video Mar 28, 2012
Weightwatchers: Play Interactive (video) Jan 03, 2012
British Airways: Aviators Video Sep 21, 2011
Guinness: Dark Life Video Dec 22, 2010
Nokia: Loop Video Dec 14, 2010
Volkswagen Polo: Last Tango in Compton Video Nov 10, 2010
Cadbury: Fish Video Aug 03, 2010
O2: Load and Go - Elasticated Video Sep 09, 2009
O2: Load and Go - Go Video Sep 09, 2009
O2: Load and Go - Flies Video Sep 09, 2009
O2: Load and Go - Elephant Video Sep 09, 2009
O2: Load and Go - Wax Video Sep 09, 2009
HSBC: Brand Values Video Aug 27, 2009
Saatchi New Directors Showcase: Guards Video May 28, 2009
Rega: Heaven Can Wait Video Apr 27, 2009
Honda: Hybrid for Everyone Video Mar 16, 2009
Amnesty: Protect The Human Video Dec 15, 2008
Toyota: Every Bit Brilliant Video Aug 22, 2008
Vodafone: Time Theft Video Sep 05, 2007
Sony Bravia: Paint Video Jun 12, 2007
JC Penney: Train Video Mar 14, 2007
Yellow Pages: Everyday People Video Mar 14, 2007
Orange (UK): Belonging Video Feb 09, 2007
Ikea (Portugal): Wedding Album Video Oct 18, 2006
Ikea (Portugal): Dinner's Ready Video Oct 18, 2006
Sony Bravia: Paint (SFX only) Video Oct 17, 2006
Vodafone: Speech Bubbles Video May 24, 2006
Stella Artois: Last Orders Video May 22, 2006
Guinness: Surfer Video Apr 14, 2006 Wanderer Video Mar 13, 2006
Pepsi: Anything Goes Video Feb 28, 2006
Volkswagen (UK): Angel's Day Off Video Jan 04, 2006
Heineken: Bodega Video Aug 03, 2005
Coca-Cola (UK): Bring Me Sunshine Video Jun 16, 2005
Miller Genuine Draft: Downhill Video Jun 07, 2005
Levi's (UK): Bike Video Apr 11, 2005
Liberty Mutual: Golf Video May 04, 2004
Liberty Mutual: Shopping Cart Video May 04, 2004
Motorola: DJ Colette Video Aug 08, 2003
Motorola: Paul van Dyk Video Aug 08, 2003
Levi's: Stampede Video Jan 26, 2003
Vauxhall: Hide and Seek Video Oct 17, 2002
Levi's: Odyssey Video Jul 10, 2002
Adidas: Kiss Video Jun 17, 2002
Intel: Blue Man Group Video Oct 16, 2000

Production Company

Title Medium Date
Paper planes are a metaphor for communication in BT's latest spot Video May 18, 2018

Production Company

Title Medium Date
This Sad, Grubby Stuffed Duck Will Make You Smile in Cadbury's Feel-Good Spot Video May 18, 2015
Click on a Homeless Person's LinkedIn Profile to View This Powerful Film Interactive (video) Feb 09, 2015
Hovis: Farmer's Lad Video May 15, 2012

U.K. Production Company

Title Medium Date
FKA Twigs Gyrates Her Way Through This Video With the Help of Google Glass Video Oct 21, 2014