Ajit Menon

3D Artist

Title Medium Date
The GEICO Camel Returns -- This Time, With a New Fixation Video Oct 02, 2013

3D Lead Artist

Title Medium Date
Jordan Brand: This is Where it Starts Video Aug 03, 2012


Title Medium Date
Strongbow Just Fired Patrick Stewart Video Jun 22, 2015

CG Artist

Title Medium Date
Budweiser: Bridge Video Jan 29, 2010

CG Generalist

Title Medium Date
James Corden Goes on a Hilarious Culinary Adventure in Droga5's Content Series for Chase Video Oct 25, 2016

CG Lead

Title Medium Date
Dora the Explorer Makes a Guest Appearance in Geico's Latest Ad Video Apr 27, 2015
Dow: Hopeful Video Jul 11, 2012