Alex Augustinos

Associate Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Oreo: Introducing the Oreo Wonder Vault Video Jan 19, 2016
Absolut: HOPPR Interactive (image) Dec 11, 2015


Title Medium Date
VitaminWater: Energy Bus Shelter Print (image) Jul 14, 2011
Sierra Club: Canadian Flag Print (image) Jan 16, 2009
New Mexico Department of Health: Sausage Arms Video May 20, 2008
New Mexico Department of Health: Animals Video May 20, 2008

Senior Copywriter

Title Medium Date
Oscar Mayer Releases Off-Roading Weiner Rovers Out Into the World Video Jul 23, 2015

Sr. Copywriter

Title Medium Date
The Aggrieved Pinky Gets its Revenge in This Oreo Spot Promoting Thins Video Aug 03, 2015