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Title Medium Date
Getty Images' Smartpen Will Scan Your Sketch and Find a Matching Photo Interactive (video) May 24, 2017
Whiskas Shows How a Cat Helped a Young Autistic Girl -- After Other Therapies Failed Video May 09, 2017
Whiskas: Once Upon an Adoption Interactive (video) Jun 12, 2016
1,100 Pairs of Havaianas Form the Steps of This Amazing Dance Video May 03, 2016
O Boticario: Helicopter Video Mar 04, 2016
Kiss FM: #mccartneyhit Video Mar 03, 2016
Captivating Art Project Shows How Misreporting Can Distort the Truth Video Jun 18, 2015
Volkswagen Brazil: Rock in Rio Video Jun 02, 2015
Tiny Budget? Getty Shows You Can Still Make 'Epic' Ads Video Jun 01, 2015
VW Gets Buses to Tell Cars to Keep Their Distance Interactive (video) May 21, 2015
Visa: Battle Video May 12, 2015
Adopted Dogs Help Ex-Cons Adjust to Freedom in Moving Pedigree Film Video May 07, 2015
Bill Clinton, Prince William and Scarlett Johansson Age by 20 Years in Getty Images' Anniversary Ads Print (Slideshow) May 07, 2015
A Fearsome Dragon Terrorizes a Kingdom in Powerful Animation about Drugs and Society Video Aug 26, 2014
Anyone Can Be a World Cup Fan, Says Visa in Latest FIFA Film Video Jun 06, 2014
Mars: Joystick Print (Slideshow) Apr 26, 2014
Brazilian Luxury Magazine Imagines Donald Trump Reincarnated as an Owl Print (Slideshow) Apr 11, 2014
Volkswagen Brazil: Closet Video Jun 14, 2013
Creeps Come Out of Nowhere to Show Value of VW's Side Assist Video Jun 14, 2013
A Video Jun 14, 2013
Volkswagen App Pauses Video When You Look Away Interactive (video) May 23, 2013
Runaway Tiguan Interactive (video) May 14, 2013
The Most Moving Set of Stock Footage You'll Ever See Video May 14, 2013
VW YouTube Film Reveals What Could Have Happened Interactive (video) May 08, 2013
Giant Ball Roams Music Festival Crowd Taking Photos Interactive (video) Mar 27, 2013
Havaianas: 50 Years Video Jul 31, 2012
Getty Images: From Love to Bingo Video May 23, 2012
Panamericana: Inner Creative Print (video) May 22, 2012
Volkswagen: Automatic Amarok website Interactive (video) May 16, 2012
Gol Airlines: Valentine's Flight Interactive (video) Feb 27, 2012
Havaianas Kids: Fairy Tales Interactive (video) Feb 23, 2012
Volkswagen: Park Assist II iPad ad Interactive (video) Jan 10, 2012
Ambev: Antarctica Breathalyzer Print (video) Jun 16, 2011
Gatorade: Tree Video Feb 22, 2011
Gol Airlines: Mobile Check In Interactive (video) Feb 22, 2011
Billboard Brazil: Influence - Winehouse Print (image) Apr 07, 2010
Billboard Brazil: Influence - Eminem Print (image) Apr 07, 2010
Billboard Brazil: Influence - Bono Print (image) Apr 07, 2010
Billboard Brazil: Influence - Manson Print (image) Apr 07, 2010
Volkswagen: Dogfish Video Dec 12, 2008
Pepsi: Times Square Video Oct 13, 2008