Anomaly, New York


Title Medium Date
Budweiser's World Cup campaign is full of drones and high-tech beer cups Video May 08, 2018
Jane Walker Is the New Female Version of Johnnie Walker's Striding Man Logo Print (image) Feb 26, 2018
Groove Is Totally in the Heart in Sonos' Rollicking Holiday Ad Video Nov 22, 2017
Sonos Pitches Its Newly-Launched Smart Speaker as a Real Mood Shifter Video Oct 04, 2017
Little Leaguers Star in Dick's Ad Celebrating Its History of Supporting Local Sports Video Aug 15, 2017
Captain Morgan's Latest Spot Is Stuffed Full of Captains Video May 10, 2017
Baseball Season Arrives in Style in MLB Campaign From Anomaly Video Apr 06, 2017
Johnnie Walker Keeps Walking to American Classic Folk Tune 'This Land Is Your Land' Video Nov 07, 2016
Little Rebels Save Christmas in Duracell's Video Oct 19, 2016
Keith Ape's Mesmerizing Interactive Music Video Promotes Converse's Climate-Proof Apparel Interactive (image) Aug 12, 2016
Dick's Gets Elemental in Dramatic Ad for the Olympics Opening Ceremony Video Aug 04, 2016
Mysterious Artists' Signs Around NYC Sent Trend Hunters to Unexpected Place Print (image) Jul 29, 2016
YouTube Music: Jaysn's Theme Video Jul 19, 2016
YouTube's Music Ads Capture Those Very Private Soundtrack Moments Video Jul 19, 2016
YouTube Music: Tina's Theme Video Jul 19, 2016
YouTube Music: Afsa's Theme Video Jul 19, 2016
YouTube Music: Kristen's Theme Video Jul 19, 2016
Seniors Talk About Life in Touching Spots From Meals on Wheels and Ad Council Video Jul 12, 2016
A Grandfather's World Opens Up in Duracell's Touching Short Film Video May 04, 2016
The Lives of Baseball Pros Look Ridiculously Fun in Anomaly's MLB Campaign Video Apr 29, 2016
Because the Force Needs Batteries: Duracell Debuts Blockbuster 'Star Wars' Ad Video Oct 30, 2015
1947 Babe Ruth Speech Powers New MLB Ad Video Oct 30, 2015
Real Men Do Authentic Work in Carhartt in Brand's Latest Striking Spot Video Oct 06, 2015
Exhausted Moms Plow Through Their Workouts -- and Duties -- in Inspirational Ads From Dick's Video May 29, 2015
Budweiser Unveils Branded Party Hotel and Main Ad for the World Cup Print (image) May 21, 2014
Budweiser Unveils New World Cup Ad, Plus Branded Hotel Designs Video May 21, 2014
Glass Explorer and WWF Researcher Sabita Malla Uses Glassware to Save Rhinos Video Apr 22, 2014
Budweiser Debuts 2014 FIFA World Cup Spot and Online Series Video Mar 25, 2014
Dick's Emotional Marketing Takes a Turn for the Real with 'Sports Matter' Video Mar 05, 2014
Dick's Sporting Goods: LAX Video Mar 05, 2014