Another Country


Title Medium Date
Allstate: Brunette Video Oct 29, 2008
Allstate: Vincent Video Oct 29, 2008

Audio Post Production

Title Medium Date
Bud Light: Perfect Pour Video Oct 11, 2005
Bud Light: Storage Video Oct 11, 2005
Bud Light: Horseman Video Oct 05, 2005
Partnership for a Drug Free America: Teleprompter Video May 02, 2005
Partnership for a Drug Free America: Cue Cards Video May 02, 2005
Budweiser: Journey Video Feb 06, 2005

Audio Production

Title Medium Date
McDonald's: Good Morning Oscars Video Feb 29, 2016

Audio Studio

Title Medium Date
A South Sudanese Athlete Heads to the Olympics in Samsung's Uplifting Ad Video Jun 20, 2016


Title Medium Date
Blake Griffin Is a Meditation Guru in Funny Spot for Red Bull's L.A. Festival Video Sep 20, 2016
Bud Light: Wine & Cheese Party Video Feb 01, 2008

Mix Company

Title Medium Date

Music Co.

Title Medium Date
Miller High Life: I Am Rich Video May 06, 2016


Title Medium Date
Eclipse: Lawyers Video Mar 08, 2004
Eclipse: Scientists Video Mar 08, 2004
Gatorade: Origins II Video Jul 14, 2003

Sound Design

Title Medium Date
OfficeMax: Jury Video Jan 22, 2007
OfficeMax: Boyfriend Video Jan 22, 2007
McDonald's: Blanket Video May 25, 2006
Aleve: Leonard Nimoy Video Feb 05, 2006
Aleve: Preview Video Feb 02, 2006

Sound Design and Final Mix Company

Title Medium Date
UN Women: HeForShe Video Sep 26, 2014

Sound Mix

Title Medium Date
Budweiser: Clydesdale Team Video Jan 30, 2008


Title Medium Date
Budweiser: Crowntown Interactive (image) Jan 11, 2007