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Title Medium Date
This Canadian Campaign Concocted Cannabis Strains to Highlight the Dangers of Driving High Video Nov 29, 2017
Mercedes Unveils an Anti-Homophobia Mural in Film for Toronto Pride Print (video) Jun 28, 2017
A Viking and a Cowboy Go on Real-Life Dates in These Funny Harlequin Films Video Apr 03, 2017
Warning! This Valentine's Film About Notepaper Will Have You Bawling Video Feb 14, 2017
Romance Novel Hunks Invade an Office in a Fun Campaign for Harlequin Video Mar 15, 2016
You Can Send Doritos Ketchup Roses for Valentine's Day in Canada Video Feb 09, 2016
Skittles: Holiday Pawn Shop Video Jan 07, 2016
Doritos Will Fire Laptops at Watermelons Today on Periscope Interactive (image) Sep 30, 2015
What Is It Like to Have Skittles for Skin? This 'Documentary' Reveals the Hardships Video Dec 10, 2014
Prince Edward County: Progress Redefined Video Nov 28, 2014
Canadian Guys Get A Painful Waxing For Testicular Cancer Awareness Video Apr 02, 2014
Clever Canadian Paralympic Spot Highlights Ability, Not Disability Video Feb 13, 2014
Copyright Your Harvey's Burger Creation Video Nov 27, 2013
160 Girls Project: Equality Effect (Podium) Print (image) Oct 11, 2013
A Simple Slash Highlights Social Change to Celebrate International Girls Day Print (image) Oct 11, 2013
Does Farting Socially Make it Okay? Video Mar 15, 2013
Ontario Ministry of Health: Social Nibbler Video Mar 15, 2013
Skittles: Create the Rainbow Video Dec 14, 2012
FedEx: Gimmicks Video Nov 19, 2012
The Canadian Paralympic Committee: Unstoppable Making Of Video May 07, 2012
The Canadian Paralympic Committee: Unstoppable Video May 07, 2012
Molson M: Paint with a Tweet Interactive (image) May 01, 2012
Skittles Touch: Princess Video Mar 20, 2012
Skittles Touch: Werewolf Baby Video Mar 20, 2012
Skittles Touch: Sasquatch Video Mar 20, 2012
Skittles Touch: Dr Cyclops Video Mar 20, 2012
Skittles Touch: Zombie Tennis Video Mar 20, 2012
Skittles: Gif Rap the Rainbow Interactive (image) Dec 12, 2011
Aspirin: Headache Lights Print (image) Nov 30, 2011
FedEx: Dominoes Video Nov 23, 2011
Mercedes-Benz: Blur Print (image) Nov 15, 2011
Skittles: Touch:Cat--Best of 2011 IX #9 Interactive (video) Mar 30, 2011
Tropicana: Arctic Sun Video Feb 26, 2010
RBC: Flame Trail Video Feb 11, 2010
Mitsubishi: Robot Factory Video Apr 25, 2008
Mitsubishi: Robot Factory - The Making Of... Video Apr 25, 2008
United Nations: David Video Feb 27, 2008
United Nations: Adam Video Feb 27, 2008
United Nations: Henry Video Feb 27, 2008