Becky Porter

2D Artist

Title Medium Date
Cristiano Ronaldo Swaps Bodies With a Young Fan in Nike Soccer Film Video Jun 09, 2016
Audi's 2014 Super Bowl Commercial Stars a Doberhuahua, Sarah McLachlan Video Jan 27, 2014
Comedy Central: Hawks Video Jan 08, 2013
P&G/Olympics: Best Job -- Best of 2012 TV #2 Video Apr 17, 2012
Old Spice: Scent Vacation Video Feb 04, 2011


Title Medium Date
Nike: I Would Run To You Video Apr 05, 2012

Assistant Producer

Title Medium Date
Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like Video Feb 09, 2010
Audi: Green Car Video Feb 03, 2010

Creative Director

Title Medium Date
'It's a Tide Ad' wins Film Grand Prix at Cannes Video Jun 22, 2018
Tide: Super Bowl 2018 - It's Yet Another Tide Ad Again Video Feb 04, 2018

Flame Assistant

Title Medium Date
Pedigree: Doggie Dentures Video Feb 03, 2010
Pedigree: Doggie Dentures Print Print (image) Feb 03, 2010
Pedigree: Doggie Dentures Site Interactive (image) Feb 03, 2010

Lead 2D Artist

Title Medium Date
'Game of War' Takes Your Surreptitious Office Gaming Battle Epic Video Sep 14, 2015

Lead Compositor

Title Medium Date
AMF: Caterpillar Video Jun 22, 2009


Title Medium Date
Life Is Hard, but Your Taxes Don't Have to Be, Says Turbotax's Brand Campaign Video Jan 06, 2015
Visa: Ned's Journey to the Super Bowl Video Nov 07, 2011

Nuke Artist

Title Medium Date
Facebook: The Things That Connect Us Video Oct 04, 2012
Nike: Throwdown Video Feb 08, 2011
Old Spice: Raven Video Sep 08, 2010

Shake Artist

Title Medium Date
Guitar Hero III: Slash Video Oct 30, 2007

Visual Effects Supervisor

Title Medium Date
Important PSA From Samsung: Don't Let the Smartphone Version of Farmer's Tan Happen to You Video Jul 24, 2017