Ben James

Art Director

Title Medium Date
Sears DieHard: Dome Light Video Jul 27, 2007
Sears DieHard: Golden Arm Video Jul 27, 2007
Sears DieHard: Faux Apology Video Jul 27, 2007
Burger King: Fantasy Ranch Video Feb 25, 2005
Burger King: What's That Smell? Video Sep 17, 2004
Borders: DIY DVD Packaging Print (image) Feb 04, 2004

Art Director/Copywriter

Title Medium Date
Wolfsonian: Welcome to Thinkism Print (image) Jan 03, 2006


Title Medium Date
Mitchum: Hardest Working ________ In America Interactive (video) May 17, 2010
Microsoft: Para Fuera Video Jan 27, 2010


Title Medium Date
Joel McHale and His Mullet Are Brock Spedwell, the World's Most Motivational Speaker Video Aug 01, 2014

Executive Creative Director

Title Medium Date
JWT Helps an Amputee Vet Swim Again With a 3D-Printed Prosthetic Video Mar 28, 2017