Brian Friedrich


Title Medium Date
Volkswagen: Crash Video May 09, 2012


Title Medium Date
Volkswagen: Tree Video May 09, 2012
Jimmy Dean: Morning Villains Anthem Video Aug 31, 2010

Associate Creative Director

Title Medium Date
This Ad for Home-Automation System Wemo Will (Improbably) Make You Go 'Aww' Video Oct 27, 2014


Title Medium Date Spokesguy Captain Obvious Joins the Presidential Race Video Feb 22, 2016
Volkswagen: Sunny Side Video Jan 24, 2013


Title Medium Date
VitaminWater: Energy Bus Shelter Print (image) Jul 14, 2011
Axe: College Comics Print (image) Apr 28, 2005
Axe: Longer Lasting Print (image) Mar 03, 2005
Axe: Residue Video Dec 03, 2004
Axe: Tricks Video May 14, 2004
Axe: To Do Video May 14, 2004
Axe: Twins Video Sep 04, 2003

Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Captain Obvious Will Kiss Your Baby in His Bid for Presidency Interactive (image) Jun 07, 2016
Christie Brinkley Has Cameo in Infiniti's 'National Lampoon Vacation' Themed Ad Video Jul 07, 2015
Wedding Tradition Pisses Off Groom in Deutsch L.A.'s Latest for VW Video May 31, 2013

Creative Group Head

Title Medium Date
Degree: Parents Video Sep 06, 2006
Degree: Best Man Video Sep 06, 2006