Brickyard VFX


Title Medium Date's Clever Outdoor Campaign Places Job Searches in Real Life Context Video Jul 22, 2014

Editorial Company

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Mitsubishi: Unpretentious App Interactive (image) Sep 04, 2012
Mitsubishi: Unpretentious App Launch Film Interactive (video) Sep 04, 2012


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David Hasselhoff Loves his Convenience Store 'Iced Hoffee' Video Jul 03, 2013


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Lil Dicky Gives Some Bling to Carl's Jr. $4 Burgers in Rap Video Parody Video Jun 07, 2016

Post EFX

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Chris Paul and Cliff Paul Take a Trip Down Memory Lane for State Farm Video Dec 26, 2013

Post FX

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Heidi Klum is Mrs. Robinson in 72andSunny's Latest for Carl's Jr Video Mar 22, 2013

Post Production

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Chevrolet: Al's Chevy Video Jan 31, 2011
Volvo: Switch Video Jan 26, 2010


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Google Nexus: Ask Me Anything Video Oct 29, 2012
ESPN 2: Delivery Video Sep 27, 2011
ESPN 2: Tour Guide Video Sep 27, 2011
Sprint: Light Trails Video Nov 28, 2007


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Susan Lucci Steals Flo's Show in Progressive's Soapy Campaign Video Apr 28, 2017
A Bloodthirsty Count Finds His Beats with Google Play Video May 21, 2013
Google's Tablet Will Name Your Child For You Video Mar 19, 2013
Google: Live in the Now Video Feb 12, 2013
Google Nexus 7: Camping Video Jul 23, 2012
Boston Bruins: The Bear and the Gang Video Mar 27, 2012

VFX Company

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El Monterey: Behind the Scenes... Video Feb 22, 2011
El Monterey: Switched at Birth Video Feb 22, 2011


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Comcast/Xfinity Confuses the Hell Out of You in Latest Laffer Video Sep 05, 2014

Visual Effects

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Fake Cabbie's Passengers Freak Out in This Road Safety PSA -- But Not at Everything Video Apr 04, 2016
Boston Bruins: Slob Video Dec 03, 2010
Timberland: Strong Man Video Oct 05, 2010
Boston Bruins: Escalator Video Mar 10, 2010 Great Scott Video Jul 20, 2009

Visual Effects Company

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Cheetos: Party Video Jan 10, 2011
Cheetos: Piano Video Jan 10, 2011
Cheetos: Fort Video Jan 10, 2011