Audio Company

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Volkswagen: Opening Doors Video Jun 02, 2016

Audio Post

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Samsung: First Date Video Aug 22, 2014

Audio Producer

Title Medium Date
Santa Claus Goes Bald to Empathize With Sick Kids in Canon's Holiday Film Video Dec 04, 2017
LG Washes a Laundry Load With Cactus Water to Highlight Its Low H20 Usage Video Apr 04, 2017
O Boticario: Helicopter Video Mar 04, 2016
Tok&Stok: Drink Video Jun 07, 2012
Tok&Stok: Music Video Jun 07, 2012

Audio Production Company

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Audio/Sound Design

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Veja Magazine: Fishes Video May 31, 2016


Title Medium Date
Getty Images: Epic Campaign: Space Video Jun 01, 2015
Getty Images: Epic Campaign: Mountain Video Jun 01, 2015
Tiny Budget? Getty Shows You Can Still Make 'Epic' Ads Video Jun 01, 2015

Sound Company

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Newell Rubbermaid: Surgery Video Sep 18, 2015

Sound Designer

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SOS Fauna: Captivity Video Apr 21, 2011

Sound Producer

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Getty Images' Smartpen Will Scan Your Sketch and Find a Matching Photo Interactive (video) May 24, 2017
Pizza Is the Key to Learning English in CNA Language School's Latest Stunt Video May 28, 2015

Sound Production Company

Title Medium Date
Baby Dove: Ad me, Mommy Interactive (video) May 30, 2016