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Title Medium Date
Teddy Bears Multiply in the Wash in This Cute Samsung Spot Video Mar 21, 2017
Best of 2017 Print/Outdoor/Design--No. 9: Burger King's Optical Illusion Makes It Look Like Burgers Are Grilling on the Subway Print (image) Jan 10, 2017
Samsung's Latest VR Experience Helps Kid Cyclists Practice Road Safety Interactive (video) Oct 07, 2016
Samsung: Notebook 9 Metal Race Video Sep 06, 2016
This Korean TV Innovation Is Designed to Save Elderly Lives Print (video) May 12, 2016
Feel the Wind in Your Face on a Virtual Ski Jump With Samsung at the Youth Olympics Interactive (video) Feb 17, 2016
Feeling Winter's Chill? Go Surfing in Tahiti With Samsung Video Nov 23, 2015
This Piano Made of Rusty Barbed Wire Symbolizes South Korea's Liberation Print (video) Jul 20, 2015
Rapido: Rapido Connected Wear Interactive (video) May 08, 2015
Samsung: Samsung Galaxy Tab A Print (Slideshow) Apr 24, 2015
Cheil Creates a Smartphone App for North Korean Defectors Interactive (Slideshow) Mar 18, 2015
Best of Integrated/Interactive 2015 #10: Autistic Kids Learn to Make Eye Contact Using Samsung's 'Look at Me' App Interactive (video) Jan 05, 2015
This Talking Fridge Will Try to Persuade You to Buy It Interactive (video) Oct 08, 2014
Does Football Save the Planet? Find Out in Final Installment of Samsung's Sci-Fi World Cup Saga Video Jul 16, 2014
Ronaldo, Messi, Rooney and Donovan Battle Nasty Aliens in Samsung's Epic World Cup Film Video Jun 09, 2014
Idris Elba, Rankin And Others Join Samsung For UK Mentorship Scheme Video Feb 04, 2014
Lionel Messi Tapped as World's Savior in Samsung 11 Campaign Video Nov 11, 2013
Samsung Life Insurance: The Bridge of Life Print (image) Feb 05, 2013
Samsung UK: We are David Bailey Interactive (image) Sep 24, 2012
Homeplus: Subway Virtual Store--Best of 2011 IX #1 Interactive (image) Jun 21, 2011


Title Medium Date
Samsung: How We Met Video Dec 05, 2007