Chris Brown

Art Director

Title Medium Date
Svedka Vodka's Creepy Halloween Banner Ads Follow You Around the Internet Video Oct 19, 2017


Title Medium Date
Never Compromise: Strange But Untrue Stories Print (image) Aug 15, 2005
Never Compromise: One-Putt Wisdom Print (image) Jun 27, 2005

Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Kawasaki: Clear Video Apr 12, 2001

President & CEO

Title Medium Date
This Prosthetic 'Package' Tries to Address the Gender Pay Gap Video Mar 08, 2016

Product Information Supervisor

Title Medium Date
Volkswagen: Maps Video May 01, 2017
Volkswagen: Intersection Video May 01, 2017
Volkswagen: Coast to Coast Video May 01, 2017
A 78-Year-Old Irish Grandma Is the Star of VW's 'America' Campaign Video May 01, 2017