Clemenger BBDO


Title Medium Date
A Frustrated Elf Seeks Superior Decorations in Myer and Aardman's Latest Holiday Film Video Nov 16, 2017
This Hilarious Australian Burger Ad Depicts a Desperate Escape From Hipster Hell Video Aug 24, 2017
Pedigree Shows How Dogs Calm Their Owners -- and Vice Versa Video May 06, 2016
This Very Funny Anti-Texting-While-Driving PSA Will Have You at 'Hello' Video Mar 29, 2016
Clemenger BBDO's 'Zombie Followers' Hype 'Walking Dead' on Twitter Print (image) Jan 19, 2015
Creative Preview: Preview NYF's World's Best Advertising 2015 Print (image) Jan 19, 2015
Builders Turn Feminist In Latest Snickers Ad From Down Under Video Mar 26, 2014
The Moment the Collision Happens, Expertly Captured for NZTA Video Jan 07, 2014
Nimble: The Pregnancy Video Oct 11, 2013
Nimble: The Vet Video Oct 11, 2013
Nimble Will Give You a Loan When Your Car Engine Turns Out to be Two German Guys in a Sauna Video Oct 11, 2013
'My Dad Invented Blazing': Kiwi Kids in Drug Driving PSA Video Sep 17, 2013
MAC: Body Crash Behind the Scenes Print (video) Nov 07, 2012
MAC: Body Crash Print (image) Nov 07, 2012
Delites: How Far Will You Go Print (video) Jul 11, 2012
Strongbow: It's Strongbow Season Video Dec 17, 2008
Starburst: Leftover Sugar Case Study Video Nov 18, 2008
Starburst: Leftover Sugar Print (image) Nov 18, 2008
Sorbent Toilet Paper: Homecoming Video Jul 03, 2008
Four'N Twenty: Magic Salad Plate Intro Video Jul 02, 2008
Four'N Twenty: Magic Salad Plate Print (image) Jul 02, 2008
Sega: Offset the Evil Interactive (image) Jun 03, 2008
Habitat for Humanity: Face Print (image) May 22, 2008
Brisbane Gallery of Modern Art: Warhol Video Dec 12, 2007
Starburst: Samurai Print (image) Nov 27, 2007
Mitsubishi: Life Stages Video Nov 13, 2007
Libra: It's All About You Video Nov 05, 2007
Pure Blonde: Utopia Video Oct 17, 2007
National Australia Bank: Climb Every Mountain Video Oct 08, 2007
Roads & Traffic Authority: Pinkie Video Jun 26, 2007
Australian Childhood Foundation: Superhero Video Aug 29, 2006
Sorbent Toilet Paper: Folder Video May 18, 2006