Company 3


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Kendall Jenner Is a Sci-Fi Boticelli's Venus in Latest Adidas 'My Way' Ad Video Aug 10, 2017


Title Medium Date
Café de Colombia: Liftoff #GreatnessIsBrewing Video Jul 25, 2016
Yelp: We Know Just the Place Video Jun 06, 2016
Yelp, Inc.: We Know Just the Place Video Sep 23, 2015
Men's Wearhouse: Coming Home Video Jun 18, 2015
Teen Lives out his Future in Category-defying Banking Spot Video Jun 10, 2014

Color Company

Title Medium Date
The Breath of Athletes Drives an Intense Nike Tale Video Feb 12, 2018
Timberland PRO: Crash Video Sep 20, 2016
A Stunt-Riding Biker Trashes a Workplace in Timberland Pro Spot Video Sep 20, 2016
BMW's Latest 'Ultimate Driving Machine' Is a Paralympian's Wheelchair Video Aug 01, 2016

Color Correct/Telecine Facility

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Motel 6: Room to Room Video Nov 09, 2015

Color Correction

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Acura: Baudette - Precision Winter Performance Video Apr 06, 2016

Color Services

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Newport Beach Film Festival: Skeet Art Video Apr 06, 2015


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United Way of Southeastern Michigan: United Way for Southeastern Michigan's Video Jun 19, 2015
Ford F-150: Forward March Video Feb 17, 2015
Wilkinson Sword: Mow the Lawn Video Apr 03, 2009
McDonald's: Singing Fish Video Mar 31, 2009
Liberty Mutual: Pilot Video Mar 31, 2009
Dick's Sporting Goods: Pitching Machine Video Feb 18, 2009
Brand Jordan: Look Me In The Eyes Video Feb 19, 2008
The Learning Channel: Mom/Girlfriend Video Mar 27, 2007
The Learning Channel: Manfort Video Mar 27, 2007
The Learning Channel: Distracted Video Mar 27, 2007
Cherry Coke: Downpour Video Feb 14, 2007
The Learning Channel: Power of Santa Video Nov 09, 2006
The Learning Channel: Xmas Pain Video Nov 09, 2006
The Learning Channel: Anthem Video Nov 09, 2006
The Learning Channel: In-Laws Video Nov 09, 2006

Finishing Company

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Hello Flo Is Back and Throws a Hilarious Period Party Video Jun 19, 2014


Title Medium Date
Charter Business: Unprofessional Video Jul 28, 2009


Title Medium Date
Meet the Crew - Film Teaser Video Jun 26, 2013
Captain Morgan: Meet the Crew - The Navigator Video Jun 26, 2013
Captain Morgan: Meet the Crew - The Maidens Video Jun 26, 2013
Who is Captain Morgan? His Crew Speaks Video Jun 26, 2013

Post House/Telecine

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Cheerios' Multiracial Family Returns for Super Bowl Ad Video Jan 29, 2014

Post Production

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Post Production Company

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BMW: The Road Home Video Dec 13, 2012

Postproduction Company

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Title Medium Date
Ad Council: Camping Video Aug 29, 2017
Teaching Is Exciting! Ad Council Fights National Teacher Shortage Video Aug 29, 2017
Is Your Super Bowl Ad a Ridiculous Ill-Judged Gamble? Video Feb 01, 2016
These Annoying Millennials Actually Have an Important Message for You Video Nov 18, 2015
Diamond of California: Made for Homemade Video Oct 27, 2015
Ebates: Check Writer Video Jul 09, 2015
Jesse Tyler Ferguson Goes 'Cray Cray' Playing the Supreme Court Justices Video May 29, 2015
Everybody Dance Now! Zumba Debuts Its First-Ever TV Spot Video Sep 05, 2014
Godzilla is Actually a Really Fun Guy When He's Not Hungry, According to Snickers Video Feb 28, 2014
Kia Soul: Bringing Down the House Video Aug 30, 2012
Farmers Insurance: Suit Up Video Apr 11, 2012
Farmers Insurance: Jack in the Box Video Jan 04, 2012
Farmers Insurance: Maze Video Jan 04, 2012
Old Spice: Motorcycle Video Nov 21, 2011
Jameson: Hawk of Achill Video Oct 04, 2011

Telecine and Color

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PowerShares: Ideas Video Aug 22, 2008

Telecine Company

Title Medium Date
OtterBox: Backpack Video Aug 15, 2017
OtterBox: S'mores Video Aug 15, 2017
A Giant Otter Protects Peyton Manning in Otterbox's Gloriously Silly Ads Video Aug 15, 2017
Unistraw: Baby Teeth Video Jun 16, 2015
Kogi Chef Roy Choi 'Purees Leprechaun' for St. Paddy's Day Burrito in New Google Glass Film Video Mar 14, 2014
Kid With a Combover Shows How Jell-O Pudding Makes Life Less Crappy Video Aug 13, 2013
ESPN: Born Into It Video Dec 07, 2012


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NBA: Draft Video Jun 10, 2016