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Title Medium Date
Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman Face Off in Doritos and Mtn Dew's Super Bowl Tie-Up Video Jan 17, 2018
Pilots are Pancake Obsessed in Droga5's First Work for IHOP Video Jan 02, 2018
Adidas: Original Superstar Print/Outdoor Print (Slideshow) Jan 09, 2015
Pharrell, Beckham and Rita Ora Question Idea of 'Superstar' in Global Adidas Campaign Video Jan 09, 2015


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Walmart's Gritty Olympics Spot Celebrates Hardworking Americans Video Aug 05, 2016

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MVP Russell Westbrook Finally Gets What He Deserves in Samsung's Tribute Ad Video Jun 27, 2017
Under Armour's Rousing Ad Leaves Stephen Curry's Past Behind Video Oct 24, 2016
Paul Pogba Is the Talk of Everyone in Spirited Adidas Film Video Oct 17, 2016
Nature's Bounty: Treadmill Video Oct 10, 2016
Nature's Bounty: Treadmill Video Oct 10, 2016
Nature's Bounty Users Meet Their Future Selves in Ads With a Quirky Touch Video Oct 10, 2016
Nikki Minaj Finds the Snapchat Ghost Cheating With Her Man in T-Mobile Ad Video Sep 09, 2016
Kia Recreates Bo Jackson and Brian Bosworth's Famous Tecmo Bowl Moment Video Sep 08, 2016
Kia: MVP of SUVs - Tecmo Bo Video Sep 08, 2016
Honda Promotes the Ridgeline With a Poignant Lost Dog Story Video Sep 07, 2016
MTV's VMAs Promo Creates a Blank Canvas for Artists to Fill Video Aug 09, 2016
Mindy Kaling, Andy Samberg, Taraji P. Henson, Neil Patrick Harris Say 'Hello From Hulu' Video Oct 19, 2015

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Things Get Really Weird in This New Ad for Normal Brand Earphones Video Jul 21, 2014

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Budweiser's Clydesdales Will Sit Out the Super Bowl Video Jan 25, 2018
Racehorse Legend 'Secretariat' Becomes a Metaphor for Audi's Cars Video May 31, 2017
DirecTV: Cable You - Tony Romo Video Aug 11, 2016
DirecTV: Now You Can Video Aug 11, 2016
The 'DirecTV You' Sings Karaoke With Eli Manning in Spots Promoting NFL Sunday Ticket Video Aug 11, 2016
DirecTV: Cable You - Andrew Luck Video Aug 11, 2016
Best of 2016 No. 7 TV/Film/Branded Content --Adidas Strikes Out Against Our Dystopian Future in Powerful Spot for Originals Video Jan 25, 2016
It Seems Like No One Gets to Drink the Coke in Coca-Cola's Oscars Ad Video Feb 23, 2015

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Best of 2017 TV/Film--No. 3: African-American Moms Teach Their Kids How to Stand Up to Racism in P&G's Heart-Rending Film Video Jul 24, 2017

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A Punk Hunter Shoots Skeet in Artsy Newport Beach Film Festival Spot Video Apr 07, 2015

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Toddlers Kill -- Satirical Ad From Brady Campaign Is Based on Shocking Truth Video Oct 17, 2016
Cam Newton Battles a Forest in a Stirring Spot From Under Armour Video Sep 07, 2016


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Fridays Video Aug 26, 2014
Thursdays Video Aug 26, 2014
Wednesdays Video Aug 26, 2014
Tuesdays Video Aug 26, 2014
Coke Zero Launches Day-by-day Countdown for College Football Season Video Aug 26, 2014


Title Medium Date
USPS Fulfills a Little Girl's Hippo Dreams on Christmas in This Adorable Spot Video Nov 14, 2016
Jeff Goldblum's Latest Ad May Be the Weirdest Yet Video Aug 24, 2016
A Ketchup and Mustard Love Story, Courtesy of Heinz Video Apr 16, 2015
Heinz: Mustard Break Up Video Apr 16, 2015
Heinz: Mustard BBQ Video Apr 16, 2015
Watch This Insane Faux Infomercial Starring Jeff Goldblum (Then Buy a $15 Light Bulb) Video Sep 30, 2014
Subaru: Junior Driver Video Jul 28, 2014
Subaru Surmounts Family Crises in Charming Campaign for the Legacy Video Jul 24, 2014
Greyhound: Tour in Style Video Jul 02, 2014

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Title Medium Date
Dos Equis New 'Most Interesting Man' Has a Female Co-Star Video Oct 25, 2016
KFC: Nashville Secret (Slideshow) Print (Slideshow) Oct 10, 2016
Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) Is KFC's Latest New Colonel Video Oct 10, 2016
See the New Most Interesting Man in the World Video Sep 07, 2016
What Exactly Is This New Jordan Ad Saying? Video Aug 26, 2016
Domino's: Dictator Video Aug 18, 2016
Dallas Cowboys' Dez Bryant Joins a Secret Training Ritual in Jordan's Latest Ad Video Aug 09, 2016
Heineken Light: Out of Frame Video Jul 17, 2014
Neil Patrick Harris Can't Get His Drink on in New Heineken Light Campaign Video Jul 17, 2014
Jordan's 'Re2pect' Campaign Honoring Derek Jeter Wins Integrated Grand Prix Video Jul 14, 2014