Craig Batzofin

Agency Producer

Title Medium Date
Jewish Council for Education: The Great Schlep Video Dec 23, 2008

Director of Digital Services

Title Medium Date
Activision: Bike Hero Video Dec 30, 2008
Adidas: Adidas Basketball Interactive (image) Nov 12, 2008

Earned Media Director

Title Medium Date
Orbit: CleanItUp Video Nov 18, 2009

Exec Producer

Title Medium Date
GE: The GE Air Show Interactive (video) Aug 26, 2011

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Zynga/Lady Gaga: GagaVille Interactive (video) May 17, 2011
Altoids: Curiously Strong Award Video Mar 25, 2011
Wrigley's: Juicy Fruit Sweet Talk App Interactive (image) Aug 10, 2010
Juicy Fruit: Serenading Unicorn Interactive (image) Apr 26, 2010
Wrigley's 5 Gum: 5 React Interactive (image) Mar 30, 2010