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Additional VFX

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Non-World Cup Sponsor Pepsi Debuts Global Soccer Campaign Video Apr 02, 2014


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This Volvo Spot Imagines a Little Girl's Whole Life Ahead of Her -- for a Reason Video Jun 12, 2017


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Edit Company

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First Work From Nils Leonard's Uncommon Is a Powerful Campaign About Climate Change Denial Video Mar 06, 2018
Even a Spectacular Home Improvement Fail Is Uplifting in Ad From Hornbach Video Mar 17, 2017
Hula Hoops on Hands Foil a Heist in Snack Brand's Biggest Ever TV Push Video Feb 17, 2017

Edit Facility

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Lurpak: Pie Video Jan 11, 2010

Edit House

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Elizabeth Banks directs women in highly uncomfortable situations for Tommy John Video Apr 05, 2018
Vaseline Turns Missionary With The Healing Project Video Jan 14, 2016


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You Have No Clue What Your Marketing is Doing, Says Adobe Video Sep 23, 2013
Grey Poupon: The Lost Footage Video Feb 19, 2013

Editing Company

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Samsung: David Beckham Video May 21, 2012
BMW: Wife Video Apr 24, 2012
Audi: Ahab Video Jan 25, 2012
French Connection UK: Suit Video Sep 06, 2011
Nokia N8 Pink: Freedom Video Jun 03, 2011

Editing House

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Freaky-Mouthed Pizza Eaters Convey an Important Message in Domino's Latest Campaign Video Mar 22, 2016
Macy's: Another Miracle on 34th Street Video Nov 08, 2012

Editoiral Company

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A Newport Beach Film Fest Projectionist Tells His Daughter a Bedtime Tale Video Mar 31, 2014


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Hyundai: Think Fast -- Super Bowl XLVI Video Jan 30, 2012


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Gillette's Olympics Music Video Shows Gritty Side of Athletic Competition Video Jul 13, 2016
SickKids Foundation: The Story of Grace Interactive (video) Oct 01, 2015
Dr. Pepper: Nurse Video Apr 06, 2009
Bombardier: Olympic Anthem Video Aug 15, 2008
Adidas: Four Minute Mile Video May 22, 2007
Panasonic Viera: Guatemala Video Oct 20, 2006
Becel (CA): Broken Escalator Video Feb 06, 2006
Honda: Signs Video Oct 24, 2005
Mark's Work Wearhouse (CA): Baby Video Sep 09, 2003
Mark's Work Wearhouse (CA): Interview Video Sep 09, 2003


Title Medium Date
Dog walkers resemble their 'clients' in cute spot for Video Apr 10, 2018

Editor/Editing House

Title Medium Date
J2O: Cats & Dogs Video May 22, 2012


Title Medium Date
Kids Turn Into Stunt-Driving Pros in Xbox's Film for 'Forza Horizon 3' Video Aug 31, 2016
Roger Federer Inspires Future Tennis Stars in a Stylish Campaign for Wilson Rackets Video Jul 27, 2016
Dollar Shave Club Has Fun With Over-Enthusiastic Customer Reviews Video Jun 15, 2016
Dollar Shave Club: Can I Change to a Different Dollar Shave Club Razor Video Jun 15, 2016
Dollar Shave Club: What do Members think of Dollar Shave Club Razors Video Jun 15, 2016
University of Phoenix Touts the Pride of Its Students in New Campaign Video Feb 12, 2016
Diamond of California: Made for Homemade Video Oct 27, 2015
Philips: The 2nd Ultimate Light Source Video Mar 13, 2014
A Family Heirloom is Just the Thing When You Have Taco Bell Cravings Video May 03, 2013
Pepsi Launches Beyonce Spot Video Apr 04, 2013
Dick's Sporting Goods: Swing Your Swing Video Feb 26, 2013
American Airlines: Change is in the air Video Jan 17, 2013
PlayStation: The All-Star Video Oct 23, 2012
Hyundai: Cheetah -- Super Bowl XLVI Video Jan 30, 2012
Volkswagen: 6/10ths Video May 09, 2011
Volkswagen: Pinata Video May 09, 2011
HomeAway: Smush Video Jan 27, 2011
Audi: Goodnight Video Jan 13, 2011
Toshiba: 8-Bit Gary Video Jul 12, 2010
Virginia Tobacco Settlement Foundation: Forest Video Apr 15, 2010
Coca-Cola: Finals Video Jan 14, 2010


Title Medium Date
Watch the Slick-Looking Science Fiction Film that Budweiser Made Video Jun 21, 2017


Title Medium Date
Kids Slam Trump's Wall With the Help of a Boring Toy Video Dec 07, 2017


Title Medium Date
Sports Stars Make Their Own Waves in Adidas' Latest Creativity-Themed Ad Video Jul 12, 2017
Michael Jordan, Serena Williams and The Mannings Are 'Failures' in Latest From Gatorade Video Jun 28, 2017


Title Medium Date
Tostitos: Really Video Jan 12, 2015
Tostitos: Cart Video Jan 12, 2015
Tostitos: Throw Video Jan 12, 2015
Tostitos, Not Kelly, Is the NFL's Official Chip Video Jan 12, 2015
Your Fantasy Husband Is Just A Baked Treat Away Video Oct 14, 2013

Editorial Company

Title Medium Date
Geico Resurrects '80s PSA Character McGruff the Crime Dog in Latest Funny Ad Video Mar 07, 2018
Geico: Sloth Video Nov 09, 2017
Gifts Speak in the Voices of Ewan McGregor, Jennifer Saunders in This Holiday Spot Video Nov 09, 2016
This Family Christmas Sing-Along Isn't Quite What You Expect Video Nov 07, 2016
Aaron Paul Catches a Lying Fan in the Act for Hulu Video May 12, 2016
Hulu: Empire Video May 12, 2016
Smirnoff: Keep It Moving Responsibly Video Apr 18, 2016
Xbox Messes With Time in a Tense Trailer for Quantum Break Video Feb 11, 2016
Nerd Fight! Samsung Debuts Action-Packed Ad to Demo Galaxy Note Edge Video Jan 30, 2015
Non-World Cup Sponsor Pepsi Debuts Global Soccer Campaign Video Apr 02, 2014
Santa Delivers A Chilling Christmas Message From Greenpeace Video Dec 03, 2013
Eat Taco Bell, Get to Destroy Killer Robots on Playstation Video Sep 27, 2013
TalkTalk: Model Britain Video Sep 24, 2012
Boost Mobile: Bill from Hell Video Feb 14, 2012
Boost Mobile: Puppets Video Apr 22, 2011
Boost Mobile: Working Man Video Apr 14, 2011
Philips Parallel Lines: The Gift Video Apr 09, 2010
Sprite: The Spark Video Feb 11, 2010
McDonald's: Check This Video Feb 07, 2010
Dr. Pepper: Little Kiss Video Feb 02, 2010
Pizza Inn: Twins Video Jul 24, 2009
Old Spice: Camel Video Jul 03, 2007
Old Spice: Door Video Jul 03, 2007
Old Spice: Outboard Engine Video Jul 03, 2007

Editorial Company

Title Medium Date
Equinox 'Expands' the Definition of 'LGBTQA' With This Artsy Dance Film (and 20 More Letters) Video Jun 05, 2017
Beloved Badass Danny Trejo Shines a Light on the 'Tougher Than Tough' Job of Male Caregiving Video Apr 10, 2017

Editorial Company

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These Onesies Are Designed to Get Parents and Kids Talking Print (video) Jul 23, 2014
John Krasinksi Produces Bud Light Comedy Shorts On YouTube Video Dec 03, 2013

Editorial Company

Title Medium Date
'Love Has No Labels' Reinvents the Kiss Cam in Uplifting Valentine's Day Film Video Feb 14, 2017
'I Have a Dream' Meets NBA Firsts in Uplifting Ad Video Jan 16, 2015
Pepsi Teases Half Time Show With Surprise For A 1970s Spectator Video Jan 30, 2014

Editorial Company

Title Medium Date
Seamless Gives an Iconic NYC Photograph a Funny, Modern Spin Video Sep 12, 2016
Farmers Insurance Introduces a New Kind of Athlete to the Olympics: Mer-Mutts Video Aug 05, 2016
BMW's Latest 'Ultimate Driving Machine' Is a Paralympian's Wheelchair Video Aug 01, 2016

Editorial House

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Skittles: Plant Video Jan 29, 2010

Offline Editing

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Pepsi: PepsiMoji Backpackers Video May 03, 2016
Pepsi: PepsiMoji Concert Connection Video May 03, 2016


Title Medium Date
Dick's Sporting Goods: Swing Your Swing Video Feb 26, 2013

Post House

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A Haircare Brand Gives Breast Cancer Patients Their Very Own Beauty Tutorials Video Aug 26, 2016

Post Production

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Ad Council/Adopt US Kids: Ice Cream Video Nov 04, 2011
Ad Council/Adopt US Kids: Handy Dad Video Nov 04, 2011
Ad Council/Adopt US Kids: Sunscreen Video Nov 04, 2011

Post Production Company

Title Medium Date
Ad Council/Adopt US Kids: Cookies Video Nov 13, 2012