Daphna Tsror

Accoun Manager

Title Medium Date
LUPA: Author Video Jul 25, 2016
JR/Duty Free: After All, You're a Man of Many Duties Print (image) Feb 10, 2016

Account Director

Title Medium Date
JR/Duty Free: Bon Voyage Video Jul 17, 2015

Account Manager

Title Medium Date
VW Israel: Mysteries Video May 18, 2016

Account Supervisor

Title Medium Date
ICRC Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center: Cyber Horse Video Jun 28, 2016
VW Israel: The Premium Banner Interactive (image) Aug 03, 2015
Outbrain: Is Your Content Content? Print (image) Jul 01, 2015
VW Israel: The Car. The Price. Video Jun 02, 2015