Darren Orr

Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Call of Duty Black Ops: Berlin Video Mar 03, 2011

Flame Artist

Title Medium Date
The College Board: Official SAT Practice - Confidence Video Apr 22, 2016
Diamond of California: Made for Homemade Video Oct 27, 2015
Specialized: Hill Video Jul 14, 2010
AOL: Hellotokyo94 Video Aug 01, 2005
AOL: Daydreamer933 Video Aug 01, 2005

Graphics & Animation

Title Medium Date
First Global Ad From The North Face Celebrates the Adventurous Human Spirit Video Oct 01, 2015

SVP/Creative/Flame Artist

Title Medium Date
Xbox Messes With Time in a Tense Trailer for Quantum Break Video Feb 11, 2016

VFX Supervisor

Title Medium Date
Logitech: El General Video Jan 08, 2013
Logitech UE: Truce Video Oct 16, 2012
Logitech UE: Space Video Oct 16, 2012
Logitech UE: Radio City Video Oct 16, 2012
Rolling Rock: Satellite Video Mar 27, 2008
Ray-Ban: Dominator Video Apr 30, 2007
Ray-Ban: Human Zoo Video Apr 30, 2007

VFX Supervisor/Flame Artist

Title Medium Date
Call of Duty Elite: TheLegendofKarl Trailer Interactive (video) Jun 02, 2011