Dentsu, Tokyo


Title Medium Date
Sony Takes a 'Blade Runner'-Themed Trip Through History to Promote the Bravia Video Oct 12, 2017
This 'Handmade' Clock Makes Beautiful Craft Out of Every Minute of the Day Video Aug 09, 2017
Volvo Turns an XC90 Into a Roving Restaurant in Tokyo Video Feb 23, 2017
Panasonic's 'Life Is Electric' Bags Cannes Design Grand Prix Video Jun 21, 2016
Panasonic: Life is Electric Interactive (video) May 31, 2016
SHUEISHA Inc.: Tone-Cuts Groove Project Video Apr 15, 2016
Interactive Store Window Discerns Your Native Tongue Through Your Face Interactive (video) Aug 11, 2015
Yaskawa Electronics: Yaskawa Bushido Project - Industrial Robot Vs. Sword Master Interactive (video) Jun 06, 2015
Ride on Express: Chicken Video May 22, 2015
Natural Eight: The World's First Android TV Host Interactive (video) Apr 26, 2015
Natural Eight: Matsuko-Roid Video Feb 21, 2015
Hate Flying? Japanese Airline ANA's New Mobile Game Takes Your Mind Off Takeoff Interactive (video) Dec 12, 2014
Watch This Festive Japanese Concert Composed Entirely From Snacking Noises Video Dec 12, 2014
Coca Cola (Japan): Georgia Shaki-n! Drive your Brain! Video Sep 17, 2014
Tokyo Broadcasting System Television: Insulted Commercials Video Apr 18, 2014
Mainichi Newspapers: News Bottle Print (video) Mar 05, 2014
Georgia Coffee: My Favorite Cafe - GEORGIA Vending Machine App Interactive (video) Feb 19, 2014
Is This How We'll Cook Eggs in the Future? Video Jan 10, 2014
Staedtler: Ultimate Pencil Print (video) Nov 04, 2013
Japanese Advertising's Best Kept Secrets Video May 24, 2013
Japanese Brand Buys Name of Radio Commentator Video Apr 29, 2013
Dentsu Shows You How Much Toshiba's New Vacuum Sucks Print (video) Apr 24, 2013
SoyJoy: Fruit and Soy Parade Video Feb 13, 2013
The Tokyo Newspaper: Share the Newspaper With Children Interactive (video) Jan 23, 2013
Honda: Connecting Lifelines Interactive (video) Nov 08, 2012
Ginza Calla: Swimming Pool Video Nov 04, 2011
UNIQLO: Lucky Counter Interactive (image) Sep 07, 2010
Newspaper Shizuoka: Parakeet Version Video Feb 19, 2010
R25: Movie Dictionary Video Jan 07, 2010
SoftBank: Quentin Tarantino Video Dec 09, 2009
Ichida Garden: Newspaper to New Paper Print (image) Aug 24, 2009
One Show: 2008 Exhibition Images Jun 24, 2009
UNIQLO: Tokyo Fashion Map Interactive (image) Jun 04, 2009 Anthem Video May 18, 2009
Dakara: Meal Video Apr 30, 2008
Toyota: Meet Video Jun 04, 2007
Aijinomoto Stadium: Husky Girls Video Jun 14, 2005
Mitsubishi: I-Shake-U Interactive (image) Aug 10, 2004
Amino-Shiki Drink: Girl/Picnic/Pyramid Video Jun 18, 2004
Wowow: Housewife Video Jun 09, 2003
Wowow: Office Worker Video Jun 09, 2003