Drazen Bosnjak


Title Medium Date
Neill Blomkamp: Alive in Joburg Video Aug 13, 2009
Diesel: Flash Fiction Video Oct 02, 2008
Haagen-Dazs: Opera Video May 05, 2008 SLOM Video Dec 05, 2006
MTV HD: Crow Video May 12, 2006
Adidas: White Video Apr 26, 2006
Adidas: Blue Video Apr 19, 2006
Adidas: Green Video Apr 12, 2006

Music/Sound Design

Title Medium Date
Audi: Synchronized Video Feb 12, 2009

Sound Design/Mix

Title Medium Date
This VR Film Will Educate You on the Shocking Facts About Tuna Fishing Interactive (image) Oct 05, 2016

Sound Designer

Title Medium Date
Little Minx's Exquisite Corpse: And She Stares Longingly At What She Has Lost Video Jan 28, 2008
MTV: Beatbox Family Video Jun 22, 2006
Adidas: Modular Man Video Apr 06, 2006
Nintendo: Touch Video Oct 28, 2004
Nintendo: Practice Video Oct 28, 2004
Nintendo: Somewhere Video Oct 28, 2004

Sound Designer/Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Hennessy Recreates the Journeys of Iconic Swiss Explorers in an Epic 'Wild Rabbit' Video Apr 15, 2016