Duval Guillaume


Title Medium Date
What Do Kids Think About Bankers? This Ad Asks Them Outright Video Mar 17, 2015
These Girls Are Too Young for the Movie, But Old Enough for Marriage? Video Oct 16, 2014
You Can Eat the Artworks in This Totally Cheesy Museum Print (video) Sep 11, 2014
Carlsberg Invents 'Border Football' in Belfast, Kosovo and Nicosia Video May 01, 2014
When Garage Projects Get Out of Hand; Quirky Ads Promote Carlsberg's New Hard Lemonade Video Apr 22, 2014
Coca Cola Turns a Billboard into Wrapping Paper Print (video) Dec 27, 2013
Dead apps get another life, to promote organ donation Interactive (video) Apr 30, 2013
Druglijn: 8-Year-Old Girl Raises a Baby Video Nov 07, 2012
Febelfin: Amazing Mind Reader Reveals His Gift Video Sep 25, 2012
De Opvoedingslijn: Embarrassing Sounds in the Ladies' Room Print (video) May 21, 2012
De Opvoedingslijn: Childrens' Choir Interactive (video) Dec 29, 2011
De Opvoedingslijn: Childrens' Choir Interactive (video) Dec 29, 2011
Mixx Awards: Digital Goodie Bag Interactive (video) Nov 10, 2011
Olvarit: Baby Dinner Video Apr 26, 2011
Flair: Flair Fashion Tag--Best of 2011 IX #6 Interactive (video) Apr 07, 2011
Nutricia: Instant Pregnancy Experience Interactive (video) Apr 06, 2011
De Lijn: Penguins Video Feb 26, 2009
De Lijn: Firefly Video Feb 26, 2009
Carlsberg: Bottle Billboard Print (image) Mar 06, 2008
Brother: Pub Video Apr 05, 2007
Minority Forum: Soccer Player Video Nov 02, 2006
Ace-Group T: Don't Learn Languages Through Movies Print (image) Oct 11, 2006
Schweppes: Bar Fight Video Apr 14, 2006
One Second: For Fresh Breath, Think One Second Print (image) Feb 13, 2006
M: Human Ball Video Dec 06, 2005
Adecco: Striptease Video Jun 13, 2001