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Title Medium Date
UNICEF's Interactive Game Forces You to See Domestic Violence From a Child's POV Interactive (video) Feb 21, 2018
Mind Over Matter? This Renault Is Controlled by Athletes' Brainwaves Interactive (video) Nov 02, 2017
Renault Gets an Electric Car to Write Jack Kerouac Fan Fiction via Artificial Intelligence Interactive (video) Apr 04, 2017
Adidas Replaces Players' Names With Empowering Tweets on Women's Soccer Team Shirts Print (Slideshow) Mar 01, 2017
This Jacket Is Designed to Evolve With a Child's Brain Interactive (video) Oct 27, 2016
Step Into Actor Joel Kinnaman's Shoes in This 'Emotional Reality' Experience Interactive (video) Oct 24, 2016
Microsoft Creates a Robotic Teacher to Connect Students in Sweden and China Video Oct 07, 2016
This Bicycle Button Lets Cyclists Tell the Mayor About Unsafe Roads Interactive (video) Jun 13, 2016
Tullamore Dew Mixes Swedes Cocktails Based on Their Facebook Profiles Interactive (video) Jun 02, 2016
Unicef Creates a Computer-Generated Girl to Speak for All Children in Crisis Interactive (video) Apr 18, 2016
This Renault Cuts Out If You Have a Row While Driving Interactive (video) Apr 12, 2016
Why Are Swedish School Kids Eating Bugs on a Bun? Video Feb 18, 2016
This 'Interactive Sex Film' From Sweden Shows How Too Much Booze Affects the Bedroom Interactive (video) Feb 10, 2016
Robots Take a Front Row Seat at Stockholm Fashion Week Interactive (Slideshow) Feb 04, 2016
'The Neverending Story' Inspires a Website 'Powered' by Dream Data Video Oct 06, 2015
Blind Women Describe Their Ideas of Beauty in Dove's Latest Moving Film Video Apr 23, 2015
A Robot Shaves a YouTube Star in Hairy Stunt From Philips Interactive (video) Apr 20, 2015
An 82-Year-Old Surfs Web for First Time in This Fascinating Film Video Mar 19, 2015
Play Abba's 'Chiquitita' and Unicef Will Get Money in Sweden Interactive (image) Nov 18, 2014
How Do Sun-Starved Swedes Who Are Afraid to Fly Go on Vacation? Interactive (video) Nov 17, 2014