Erick Mangali


Title Medium Date
Dr. Pepper Celebrates The Achievements of a Really Good Looking Man Video May 20, 2013

Art Director

Title Medium Date
Cici's Pizza: Handwalk Video Aug 28, 2007
Cici's Pizza: DJ Joe Video Aug 28, 2007
Cici's Pizza: Boomerang Video Aug 28, 2007
ESPN: Sawing Is Fun Video Mar 23, 2001

Associate Creative Director/Art Director

Title Medium Date
Volkswagen: Dream Team Video Oct 06, 2010


Title Medium Date
Taco Bell's Quesalupa Is Bigger Than Tinder, Man-Buns and...Football? Video Feb 07, 2016

Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Adorable Mop Dog Stars in Dr Pepper's Newest Ad Video Jan 13, 2015