Final Sound

Audio Post Production

Title Medium Date
Giant Bikes: Real Riders Interactive (video) Jul 08, 2011


Title Medium Date
VB: Raise a Glass Video Apr 23, 2009

Music and Sound

Title Medium Date
V.B.: Raise a Glass 2012 Video Apr 11, 2012

Sound Design

Title Medium Date
Lipton Ice Tea: Switch Video Feb 05, 2009
Clark's: Feet Factory Video Mar 19, 2008

Sound Design Company

Title Medium Date
Instant Kiwi: Bed Video Dec 12, 2012

Sound Director

Title Medium Date
That Racist Voice in Your Head Comes to Life in Unnerving Aussie Ad Video Jul 30, 2014
White Pages: Jacuzzi Video Jul 19, 2010
White Pages: Curry Universe Video Jul 19, 2010
White Pages: Piano Man Video Jul 19, 2010

Sound House

Title Medium Date
Libra: Wonder Guy Man Video Feb 22, 2010
Libra: It's All About You Video Nov 05, 2007