Finger Music


Title Medium Date
Fireflies: Fireflies App 2012 Interactive (image) Sep 13, 2012


Title Medium Date
Smirnoff: Keep It Moving Responsibly Video Apr 18, 2016
Blinged Out Babies Rap About First Aid in Spot for British Red Cross Video Jul 20, 2015
Toro: Slant House Video Apr 01, 2015
Capri Sun: Bear Video May 23, 2012

Music Company

Title Medium Date
A Fairy Tale Ends With a Twist in This Spot for Green & Black's Chocolate Video Oct 19, 2017
Parents, General Mill's Latest Ad May Exhaust You to Tears Video Jan 19, 2016
Fireflies West: The Fireflies App Interactive (image) Sep 23, 2011

Music Production

Title Medium Date
CK One: 20th Anniversary (Print) Print (Slideshow) Jul 02, 2014
CK One's 20th Anniversary: To Thine Own Self(ie) Be True Video Jul 02, 2014

Music Production/Sound Design

Title Medium Date

Music/Sound Design

Title Medium Date
Microsoft: Alexa Video Mar 05, 2009
Microsoft: Kylie Video Mar 05, 2009
Microsoft: Adam Video Mar 05, 2009