Fred Levron

Creative Partner

Title Medium Date
Glad Uses Its Trash Bag as Luggage to Prove How Tough It Is Print (video) Feb 27, 2018
Clorox: Classroom Video Jul 26, 2017
Clorox: Bathroom Video Jul 26, 2017
Clorox Dares You to Make the Nastiest Messes You Can Imagine Video Jul 26, 2017

Exec Director Brand Entertainment & Digital Head

Title Medium Date
Perrier: The Drop Video Jun 04, 2012

Executive Director, Digital & Brand Content

Title Medium Date
Ford: Pinball Park Video Apr 19, 2012
Tic Tac France: Worst Breath in the World Interactive (video) Apr 09, 2012

Executive Director/Head of Brand Content & Digital

Title Medium Date
Coca-Cola Zero: A Step From Zero - Film Video Jun 01, 2012