Gabriel Lancioni

Agency Director

Title Medium Date
Piero: Asleep - Office Video Apr 20, 2015

Agency Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
This Funny Ad Illustrates the Plight of a Non-Millennial in a Millennial World Video Sep 21, 2017

Agency Head of Production

Title Medium Date
Compumundo: The Geek Conspiracy Video Oct 25, 2012

Agency Producer

Title Medium Date
Fargo: Eco Sponge Video Apr 14, 2015
Jeep: The Landscape Song Video Apr 07, 2015
Piero Mattresses: Snooze Radio Video May 08, 2014
Eterna Cadencia Publisher & Bookstore: The Book That Can't Wait Print (video) May 01, 2012
KY Gel: Great Sex Lubricates Relationships - Cat Video Mar 19, 2012
KY Gel: Great Sex Lubricates Relationships - Shopping Video Mar 19, 2012
K-Y: Jazmin Case Study Video Mar 21, 2011
DirecTV: Aged Video Oct 08, 2009

Audiovisual Production

Title Medium Date
Pequeno Editor: Tree Book Tree Video May 04, 2015

Audiovisual Production Director

Title Medium Date
A trans staffer flees a hostile work environment in this job search ad with a twist Video Apr 11, 2018

Chief Agency Producer

Title Medium Date
Beep Beep! Mattress Brand Keeps Drivers Awake By Placing Alarm in Radio Interactive (video) May 09, 2014

Production Audiovisual Director

Title Medium Date
Fargo: Limites Video May 06, 2016
Fargo: Centre Video May 06, 2016
Women's Lives, As Told Through Delicious Sandwiches Video May 06, 2016

Production Manager

Title Medium Date
ZonaJobs: Grandma Video Apr 26, 2012

TV Producer

Title Medium Date
Oreo: Library Video Sep 23, 2010