Harold Jones

Additional Credits

Title Medium Date
Side Project: The Football to Football Translator Interactive (image) Jun 12, 2014

Executive Technology Director

Title Medium Date Spokesguy Captain Obvious Joins the Presidential Race Video Feb 22, 2016

Interactive Technical Director

Title Medium Date
Domino's Teaches You (and Its Rivals) How to Make Pizza Interactive (video) Jul 28, 2015
Build And Order a Pizza in 3D via Domino's New iPad App Interactive (image) Apr 28, 2014


Title Medium Date
Nescafe Opens a Hipster Coffee Shop Where You Make Your Own Coffee Print (video) Jun 14, 2017
TruTV Pokes Fun at Glossy TV Promos in Brand Relaunch Ads Video Dec 01, 2016

Technical Lead

Title Medium Date
Domino's Pizza: Cheesy Font Interactive (image) Dec 29, 2011

VP/Creative Technology Director

Title Medium Date
Pizza Delivery Gets a Major Upgrade Thanks to This Crowdsourced Vehicle Print (image) Oct 22, 2015

VP/Executive Creative Technology Director

Title Medium Date
Captain Obvious Will Kiss Your Baby in His Bid for Presidency Interactive (image) Jun 07, 2016