Jack Sedgwick


Title Medium Date
Baking Ingredients Sing to Paul McCartney in Channel 4's 'Great British Bake Off' Trailer Video Aug 03, 2017

Audio Post Production

Title Medium Date
Marks & Spencer Applies Its 'Spend it Well' Tagline to Food in a Sumptuous Spot Video May 11, 2017
An Epic Workout and 'Bus Stop Fitness Sessions' Feature in Lucozade's Campaign to Get People Exercising Video Sep 15, 2016


Title Medium Date
Cravendale: Cats with Thumbs--Best of 2011 TV #7 Video Mar 01, 2011


Title Medium Date
ING Direct: Bear Video Jun 06, 2011

Music Editor

Title Medium Date
Honda: Impossible Dream 1.5 Video Apr 26, 2010


Title Medium Date
Kronenbourg: Slow the Pace Video Oct 25, 2010

Sound Design

Title Medium Date
McDonald's Spoofs Fragrance Advertising in U.K. Spot for 'Luxury' Burger Range Video Aug 23, 2017

Sound Designer

Title Medium Date
Nokia: Gulp Video Aug 03, 2011
Nike: How I Fight Video Jul 05, 2007

Sound Designer

Title Medium Date
A Dolphin-Sloth Lovechild Demonstrates the Joys of Binge Watching Video Jul 06, 2017

Sound Engineer

Title Medium Date
Can This Spot Succeed in Making Us Emotional About Frozen Peas? Video Nov 15, 2016
Barclays Presents A Poignant Day in the Life of Football Fans Video Aug 16, 2013
Nokia: Happy Navigators Video May 05, 2010
Thorntons: Stuck Video Dec 05, 2007
Honda: Hondamentalism Video May 04, 2007
Honda (UK): Impossible Dream Video Dec 05, 2005
British Heart Foundation: Under My Skin Video Oct 28, 2005
NSPCC: Talk 'Til it Stops Video Sep 20, 2005
ESPN: Juice Can Video Mar 18, 2005
ESPN: Butter Video Mar 18, 2005
ESPN: Petals Video Mar 18, 2005

Sound Mixing

Title Medium Date
A White-Washed, Futuristic Dystopia Sets the Scene for Gorgeous Dulux Ad Video Mar 12, 2015