Jason Nickel

Back-End Development

Title Medium Date
Puma: Kick Ups Maradona's 50th Birthday Interactive (image) Nov 08, 2010


Title Medium Date
Linkin Park: Lost in the Echo Interactive (image) Aug 30, 2012

Flash Developer

Title Medium Date
Tool of North America: New Website Interactive (image) Jul 01, 2010
Cold War Kids: I've Seen Enough Interactive (image) May 21, 2009

Interactive Director

Title Medium Date
Under Armour: OutRay Ray Lewis Interactive (image) Sep 06, 2012

Lead Developer

Title Medium Date
STA Travel: 193 Interactive (image) Feb 12, 2007

Technology Director

Title Medium Date
New Venture Fund: Hamburger Hummus Interactive (image) Oct 07, 2015

Web Content

Title Medium Date
Brooks Brothers: Holiday Miracle Video Dec 01, 2011