Jeff Fuller

Audio Mixer

Title Medium Date
EBay Paints Itself as Colorful Contrast to Amazon Video Jun 02, 2017


Title Medium Date
Meet Toothy, Hello's Adorable Animated Advocate for Healthier Toothpaste Video Apr 12, 2017


Title Medium Date
Liquid Plumr: Sassy Shower Clog Video Aug 17, 2007
Liquid Plumr: Am Not Video Aug 17, 2007
Liquid Plumr: Ahem Video Aug 17, 2007

Mix Engineer

Title Medium Date
Travelers: Drifters Video Oct 09, 2009


Title Medium Date
Bacon Lovers, Is This the Mall of Your Dreams? Video Jul 21, 2015

Sound Designer/Mixer

Title Medium Date
The Creative Muscle of Los Angeles, Framed in a Single Logo Video Oct 02, 2017

TV Mixer

Title Medium Date
Carl's Jr and Hardee's Say Rivals' Food Tastes Like 'Diesel and Sadness' in Campaign for $5 All-Star Meals Video Sep 25, 2017
Carl's Jr.: Diesel and Sadness Video Sep 25, 2017
Carl's Jr.: Bingo Video Sep 25, 2017