Jerry Krenach

Agency Music Producer

Title Medium Date
Droid: iDon't Video Oct 20, 2009

Director of Music Production

Title Medium Date
United States Tennis Association: You In Video Aug 30, 2016
Verizon: Attendance Video Jan 14, 2013
Verizon: The Brave Video Jan 11, 2013
Verizon: Black Diamond Video Jan 11, 2013
Motorola: Vendetta Video Mar 03, 2011
Motorola: Capsule Video Mar 03, 2011
Verizon: It Begins Video Jan 24, 2011
Droid: Expedition Video Jul 16, 2010
Droid: Big D Video Nov 10, 2009
Droid/Verizon Wireless: Stealth Video Nov 04, 2009

Director, Music Affairs

Title Medium Date

Managing Director of Music Production

Title Medium Date
Jeep Brings Sides Together in Ad Airing During First Presidential Debate Video Sep 26, 2016
JCPenney: Back to School Video Jul 26, 2016
JCPenney: Here I Am Video Jun 21, 2016

Managing Director, Global Music Production

Title Medium Date
United Airlines: One Journey, Two Teams Video Aug 03, 2016
United Airlines: Olympics 2016 Safety Video Interactive (video) Apr 21, 2016
Intel Mixes Beethoven With Its Iconic Mnemonic in Spot About 'Amazing Human Experiences' Video Jan 19, 2016
Central Park Conservancy: Powered By You Print (Slideshow) Aug 24, 2015
How Would New Yorkers Propose Without Central Park? Video Aug 24, 2015
Central Park Conservancy: Birdwatch Video Aug 24, 2015

Music Producer

Title Medium Date
General Electric: Discus Video Aug 14, 2008
General Electric: Dragon Video Aug 14, 2008