Joaquin Cubria


Title Medium Date
Axe: So Cute Video Sep 10, 2008
Axe: Paranoid Eye Video May 29, 2008

Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Axe: Premature Perspiration Video Aug 11, 2010


Title Medium Date
Coke Reunites Armless Soccer Player with Two Pros for World Cup Tear-Jerker Video Mar 17, 2014
Staples: Screensaver Video May 14, 2012

Executive Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Burger King Refused to Sell Whoppers to Customers and Sent Them to McDonald's Instead Video Nov 20, 2017
The Creativity Top 5: See the Best Brand Ideas of the Week Video Apr 21, 2017
Singing Boobs With Mouths Highlight Breast Cancer Awareness Video Apr 20, 2017
Burger King's Snapchat Campaign Invites Fans to 'Grill' Competitors' Burgers Interactive (video) May 16, 2016
These 'Man Boobs' Provide a Useful Breast Self-Exam Demo Video Apr 22, 2016
Unilever Pledges Sustainability With Sobering Deforestation Spot Video Aug 28, 2015
Errol Morris Captures Parental Hopes and Angst for Unilever's Sustainability Project Video Nov 20, 2013
Milka Vending Machine Makes You Work Hard for the Chocolate Print (video) Sep 04, 2013
Grandpa Rules in New Coca-Cola Ad Addressing Obesity Issue Video Aug 14, 2013
Underling Spews Vitriol at Boss on His Last Day, Until Staples Steps In Video May 29, 2013

General Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Axe: The Look Video Dec 10, 2012
Rexona: Acknowledgment Video May 17, 2012
Axe Argentina: Evidence 1 Interactive (video) Feb 03, 2012
Axe Argentina: Evidence 2 Interactive (video) Feb 03, 2012
Axe: Ark Video Jun 30, 2011

Vice President

Title Medium Date
Burger King Gives Out 3D-Printed Hands Video Jul 11, 2017

VP Executive Creative Director

Title Medium Date
Burger King Is Giving Free Whoppers for Life to Anyone Named 'Grill' in Argentina Video May 04, 2017