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Title Medium Date
Home Hardware: Cat-Shaped Boxes Print Print (video) Jun 15, 2017
These Cat-Shaped Cardboard Boxes Highlight Pet Abandonment in Quebec Print (video) Jun 15, 2017
This Funeral Home Billboard Targets Careless, Texting Drivers Print (image) May 12, 2016
Tangerine Shows You're Really Worth That Paycheck in This Hymn to Hard Graft Video Jan 19, 2016
Are You Doing Enough to Target Women's Insecurities? 'Jane St' Is Video Nov 06, 2015
Could You Mother A Child Remotely? Interactive (video) May 08, 2014
How Many Coffee Cups Does it Take to Buy a Car? Print (video) Aug 27, 2013
WWF Canada: Granny Call Centre Interactive (video) Jan 16, 2013
Tetley Canada: Tetley Rescue Squad Interactive (image) Jun 06, 2012
WWF: Earth Hour - Clapping Video Mar 30, 2012
WWF Canada: Crowdsourced Earth Hour Anthem Interactive (video) Mar 15, 2012
Wiser's Canadian Whisky: Wiserhood Purse Video Oct 19, 2011
Young Guns International: Become the Hunted Interactive (video) Aug 23, 2011
Tetley Infusions: Break Your Routine Video Aug 15, 2011
Tetley Infusions: Break Your Routine - Experiment 1 Video Aug 15, 2011
Stanfield's: Guy at Home in His Underwear Interactive (image) Oct 06, 2010
War Child Canada: Do Nothing Video Dec 10, 2008
Wiser's: Sweater Video Nov 14, 2008
Wiser's: Moustache Video Nov 14, 2008
The Bay: Boom! Print (image) Sep 13, 2007
Toro Magazine: What Men Need to Know Print (image) Jan 29, 2007
Toro Magazine: Vegas Video Jan 17, 2007
John Hall & Associates: Real Head Turners Print (image) Apr 28, 2005
Viewer's Choice PPV: Heavy on the Toon Tang Print (image) Oct 23, 2003