Jungle Studios

Audio Post

Title Medium Date
Samsung: King of TV City Video Mar 28, 2013
Heinz: Deli Server Mum Video Jun 26, 2008

Audio Post Company

Title Medium Date
Experian: Ice Video Mar 18, 2010
Experian: Wall Video Mar 18, 2010

Audio Post Production

Title Medium Date
Stylish Posters Urge Londoners To Staycation in the City Print (Slideshow) Jul 31, 2014
Magners: Catch Video Mar 26, 2010
Magners: Straight Video Mar 26, 2010
Philips: Karis Video Apr 23, 2008
Mentos: Charge Video Aug 07, 2006

Music Company

Title Medium Date
Orange (UK): Patrick Swayze Video Sep 14, 2009
Wrigley's: Alien Video Mar 13, 2006
Orange (UK): Verne Troyer Video Apr 11, 2005
Orange (UK): Sean Astin Video Apr 11, 2005
Orange (UK): Poster Video Apr 11, 2005
Orange (UK): Daryl Hannah Video Apr 11, 2005
Orange (UK): Spike Lee Video Jun 04, 2003
Pimm's: Ladies of the Night Video Jun 26, 2002
Pimm's: Money Video Jun 26, 2002
Sony: Dog Crotch Video Jun 23, 2000


Title Medium Date
Volkswagen: Fight Video Dec 23, 2008
Shell: Circuit Video Apr 20, 2007

Sound Design

Title Medium Date
Like Penguins and Fleetwood Mac? Then You'll Love This Dubai Airports Spot Video Mar 10, 2015

Sound Design

Title Medium Date
One Way to Get the Gift You Want: Drop Very Unsubtle Hints Video Nov 03, 2016
Volkswagen (Germany): Frog Video Mar 07, 2006
Cadillac: Barrels Video Feb 06, 2005

Sound Design/Audio Post Company

Title Medium Date
Dodge: Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Street Video Jan 05, 2007

Sound Production

Title Medium Date
Transport for London: Blockbuster Video May 26, 2005

Sound Studio

Title Medium Date
Muller: Wunderful Stuff Video Oct 07, 2011