Jungle Studios

Audio Post

Title Medium Date
Samsung: King of TV City Video Mar 28, 2013
Heinz: Deli Server Mum Video Jun 26, 2008

Audio Post Company

Title Medium Date
Experian: Wall Video Mar 18, 2010
Experian: Ice Video Mar 18, 2010

Audio Post Production

Title Medium Date
Stylish Posters Urge Londoners To Staycation in the City Print (Slideshow) Jul 31, 2014
Magners: Catch Video Mar 26, 2010
Magners: Straight Video Mar 26, 2010
Philips: Karis Video Apr 23, 2008
Mentos: Charge Video Aug 07, 2006

Music Company

Title Medium Date
Orange (UK): Patrick Swayze Video Sep 14, 2009
Wrigley's: Alien Video Mar 13, 2006
Orange (UK): Verne Troyer Video Apr 11, 2005
Orange (UK): Sean Astin Video Apr 11, 2005
Orange (UK): Poster Video Apr 11, 2005
Orange (UK): Daryl Hannah Video Apr 11, 2005
Orange (UK): Spike Lee Video Jun 04, 2003
Pimm's: Money Video Jun 26, 2002
Pimm's: Ladies of the Night Video Jun 26, 2002
Sony: Dog Crotch Video Jun 23, 2000


Title Medium Date
Volkswagen: Fight Video Dec 23, 2008
Shell: Circuit Video Apr 20, 2007

Sound Design

Title Medium Date
One Way to Get the Gift You Want: Drop Very Unsubtle Hints Video Nov 03, 2016
Volkswagen (Germany): Frog Video Mar 07, 2006
Cadillac: Barrels Video Feb 06, 2005

Sound Design

Title Medium Date
Like Penguins and Fleetwood Mac? Then You'll Love This Dubai Airports Spot Video Mar 10, 2015

Sound Design/Audio Post Company

Title Medium Date
Dodge: Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Street Video Jan 05, 2007

Sound Production

Title Medium Date
Transport for London: Blockbuster Video May 26, 2005

Sound Studio

Title Medium Date
Muller: Wunderful Stuff Video Oct 07, 2011