Katie Overcash

Head of Production

Title Medium Date
Angel Soft Pays Tribute to Single Moms on Father's Day Video Jun 18, 2015

Music Head of Production

Title Medium Date
Taco Bell Encourages Breakfast Eaters to Defect From Their 'Routine Republic' Video Mar 23, 2015


Title Medium Date
Reebok's New Spokes-Athlete Is . . . a Chicken Video Jan 12, 2015
Goodby and Grupo Gallegos Tag Team on New 'One Market' Campaign for Milk Video Aug 20, 2014

Producer (Elias Arts)

Title Medium Date
Audi's 2014 Super Bowl Commercial Stars a Doberhuahua, Sarah McLachlan Video Jan 27, 2014

Senior Producer

Title Medium Date
Paralympian Amy Purdy Is Inspirational in Toyota Super Bowl Spot Video Jan 23, 2015