Keen Music


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Kickstopper: Video Apr 15, 2015

Audio House

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General Mills Canada: YOP Fuels Interactive (video) Sep 28, 2015
Use This Breathalyzer and Uber Will Drive You Home for Free Print (video) Apr 08, 2015

Audio Production

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Not at Cannes? This Twitter Cannes Blocker Might Make You Feel Better Interactive (video) Jun 23, 2015


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ClearNet: Duck Song Video Sep 01, 2000

Music & Sound Design

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Missing Kids -- Now On Your Postage Stamps Print (image) May 02, 2013


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A POGO Corn-Dog Love Story, Cut Short Due to Ketchup Infidelity Video Jul 29, 2013

Sound Design & Music

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Crea: Motel Video Mar 24, 2015

Sound Design / Music

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The Canadian Real Estate Association: RAID Video Mar 21, 2014