Kevin Brown

Creative Resource Director

Title Medium Date
Chicago's Field Museum Uses Your Voice to Make Its Exhibits Come Alive Video Jul 14, 2017

Creative Resource Manager

Title Medium Date
United Healthcare: Delivery Video Dec 07, 2015
You Won't Foresee the Twist in United Healthcare's High School Love Story Video Oct 08, 2015


Title Medium Date
Adobe: Remix Video May 06, 2014


Title Medium Date
EVB: Red Thumb Reminder Interactive (video) Apr 16, 2014

Global Director of Engagement Planning

Title Medium Date
Ladbrokes Celebrates The Lads Who Love Gambling Video Apr 25, 2014

Logo Animation

Title Medium Date
Morris the Cat Has (Inevitably) Discovered Wearable Tech Interactive (video) Oct 09, 2014

Motion Graphics Designer

Title Medium Date
Meow Mix Launches Catstarter, a Kickstarter for Kitty Fans Interactive (video) Mar 14, 2014