Luiza Naritomi

Assistant Producer

Title Medium Date
LG: Something's Lurking Video Dec 02, 2010

Head of Production

Title Medium Date
Spotify: Love What You Love - Car Video May 15, 2018
Spotify: Love What You Love - Meadow Video May 15, 2018
Professor Cardi B schools singing students on the art of ad-libs in latest from Spotify Video Apr 09, 2018
Burger King: Chocolate Whopper Video Mar 30, 2018
Ancestry Digs Into the Diverse DNA of Hockey Players Ahead of the Winter Games Video Feb 09, 2018

Post Producer

Title Medium Date
Olivia Wilde Plays a Girl With Down Syndrome in Eye-Opening Film Video Mar 16, 2016
Pampers: Surprises Holli Video Nov 20, 2015
Pampers: Surprises Albanai Video Nov 20, 2015
Pampers Makes Moms' Twitter Pledges Come True Video Nov 20, 2015


Title Medium Date
Pizza Hut's New Shoes Let You Order and Pause the Game Video Mar 05, 2018
These Quirky Napkin Ads Reveal Some Funny Truths About Eating Habits Video Aug 03, 2017
Vanity Fair Napkins: Pot Video Aug 03, 2017
Vanity Fair Napkins: Noodles Video Aug 03, 2017
Vanity Fair Napkins: Wings Video Aug 03, 2017
Can You Guess Who's Behind This Adorable Father's Day Ad? Video Jun 16, 2016
Hallmark: #KeepsakeIt - Family Portrait Video Nov 05, 2015
Hallmark: #KeepsakeIt - Look at My Baby Video Nov 05, 2015
Hallmark: #KeepsakeIt - Perfectionist Mom Video Nov 05, 2015
The Crazy Families in Hallmark's Holiday Campaign Are So Real Video Nov 05, 2015
Equinox Gets Audacious in Ads From W&K Video Jan 05, 2015
This Heineken Stunt Puts Pedestrians in U.S. Open Umpire's Shoes Video Aug 25, 2014
Soccer-Crazy Fans Debate Global Issues in ESPN's World Cup Spot Video May 02, 2014

Senior Producer

Title Medium Date
Tide: Pool Party Video Oct 06, 2016
Tide: Towel Habits Video Oct 06, 2016
Tide Details the Perils of the Sharing Economy Video Oct 06, 2016