Marcelo Bruzzesi

Art Director

Title Medium Date
Uniao Sugar: Sweet News: Christmas Video Dec 12, 2014
Uniao Sugar: Sweet News: Pregnant Video Dec 12, 2014
C&A Brazil: Fashion Like Interactive (image) May 03, 2012

Creative Direction

Title Medium Date
Fiat: Fiat 500 Cabrio - Skies Video May 12, 2015

Creative Director

Title Medium Date
A Complaints Website 'Pays Back' Execs With a Dreadful Dinner Stunt Video May 18, 2016
Samsung: I'll Be There Video Mar 10, 2016
Maes da Se - Mothers of Se: The Missing Captcha Video Jan 13, 2016

Creative Director (Leo Burnett Tailor Made)

Title Medium Date
Fiat: Safety Wi-Fi Interactive (video) May 07, 2015