Matt Buels


Title Medium Date
EA Sports: Free Your Game Video Mar 07, 2012

Exec. Producer

Title Medium Date
Hennessy: Manny Video Apr 03, 2012
Hennessy: Manny-Extended Cut Video Apr 03, 2012

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Mint Choice Is a Matter of Family Honor in This Zany Trebor Spot Video Apr 20, 2015
Tango: Praiserama Video Jun 08, 2010
Toshiba: Space Chair Video Nov 17, 2009
Orange (UK): Patrick Swayze Video Sep 14, 2009
Toshiba: Time Sculpture Video Nov 11, 2008
Pot Noodle: Back With No Appetite Video Jun 03, 2008
Orange: Rob Lowe Video May 16, 2008
Orange: Snoop Video Feb 08, 2008
Disability Rights Commission: Nice Day Video Aug 07, 2006
Disability Rights Commission: Independent Living Video Aug 07, 2006
Virgin Money: Nick Jones Video Jan 13, 2006
National Geographic Channel: Manhattan Video Dec 08, 2005
Manhattan Short Film Festival: The Search Video Sep 21, 2005
Orange (UK): Verne Troyer Video Apr 11, 2005
Orange (UK): Sean Astin Video Apr 11, 2005
Orange (UK): Poster Video Apr 11, 2005
Orange (UK): Daryl Hannah Video Apr 11, 2005
Nicorette (UK): Boardroom Video Aug 02, 2004
Halfords: Battery Video Aug 13, 2002
Halfords: Car Wash Video Aug 13, 2002
Halfords: Roof Box Video Aug 13, 2002

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Men Discuss Their Depression in Unexpected Situations in This Thought-Provoking Spot Video Sep 22, 2016

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Samsung Backed This 'Really Bad Car Commercial' Idea (and the Results Are Pretty Cool) Video Dec 05, 2017

Executive Producer

Title Medium Date
Turkish Airlines Recreates Didier Drogba's Life Story in a Colorful, Hand-Painted Minute Video Sep 22, 2015

Managing Partner

Title Medium Date
Puma: Love or Football Video Aug 14, 2012


Title Medium Date
Marie Curie Actions: Chemical Party Video May 29, 2008
Pimm's: Ladies of the Night Video Jun 26, 2002
Pimm's: Money Video Jun 26, 2002

Production Company EP

Title Medium Date
British Heart Foundation: Hard and Fast (2) Video Jan 05, 2012