Matt Sorrell


Title Medium Date
Foot Locker: Harden Soul Music Video Video Aug 15, 2013
James Harden Wears His Shirt Open So You Can See His Chest, for Foot Locker Video Aug 15, 2013
Blake Griffin Says He Loves Foot Locker. But How Do We Know He's Telling the Truth? Video Aug 07, 2013

ACD/Art Director

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Having a Conversation with Shaquille O'Neal is a Pretty Complicated Endeavor Video Jul 12, 2013

Art Director

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Old Spice Makes a Customizable Video Game Starring You Interactive (video) Jun 18, 2016
Old Spice Throws All the Insanity of Its Previous Ads Into a 'Horrifying Mutant Nightmare Abomination' Video Jun 02, 2016
Old Spice: Rocket Car Video Jan 07, 2016
Move Over Mustafa: Old Spice Introduces 'Legendary Man' Video Jan 07, 2016
Terry Crews Gets All Up in TMYMCSL's Face in Old Spice's Scent Showdown Video Aug 13, 2015
Old Spice Pits Terry Crews Against TMYMCSL in Latest Ad Video Aug 06, 2015
Terry Crews Shaves Miniature Terry Crews for Old Spice Video Mar 17, 2014
Old Spice Stages an 'Internetervention' to Curb Your Bad Browsing Habits Video Jan 21, 2014
HBO: Office Gift Exchange Video Nov 19, 2012
Art Directors Club: 2007 Call For Entries Print (image) Nov 30, 2006

Art Director

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Foot Locker: Harden's Entourage Video Feb 22, 2013
Foot Locker: Neighborhood Kids Video Feb 07, 2013

Copywriter/Art Director

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Old Spice Debuts a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Story on Instagram Interactive (Slideshow) Jul 31, 2015

Creative Director

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Old Spice Stuck a Whole Smelly Blazer in the Pages of GQ Print (video) Mar 22, 2018
Old Spice Debuts An Ad in French During the Grammys--But What Does it Mean? Video Jan 28, 2018
Old Spice: Coach Talk Video Sep 06, 2017
There's Nothing to See in Old Spice's Two-Hour 'Invisible Movie' Video Aug 25, 2017
Old Spice: Alpha Dawg Video Jul 07, 2017
Old Spice: Tragic Hair Video Jul 07, 2017
Moms Are Unimpressed With Marketing Gimmicks in Old Spice's Latest Campaign Video Jul 07, 2017
Old Spice: Shush Video Jul 07, 2017
Old Spice: Changes Video Jul 07, 2017
Old Spice: Invisible Boy Video Jul 07, 2017
Von Miller May Actually Be the Most Interesting Man in the World, Judging From These Old Spice Ads Video Sep 13, 2016
Old Spice: Be Harder Video Sep 13, 2016