Maxime Boiron

Agency Producer

Title Medium Date
You'll Never Look At Porn in the Same Way Again Video May 07, 2013
Aides: Guns Video Jun 06, 2012
Aides: Graffiti Video Jan 15, 2010
Amnesty International: Ink Video Aug 01, 2008
Nissan: Skate Park Video Feb 13, 2007
Nissan: Naturally Capable Video Sep 25, 2006

Broadcast Producer

Title Medium Date
Amnesty International: Signatures Video Apr 17, 2008


Title Medium Date
Babies' Wails Make for Beautiful Music in This Surprising Supermarket Ad Video Mar 10, 2016


Title Medium Date
A burn victim finds solace in darkness and cinema in this heartbreaking PSA Video May 03, 2018
Railway trespassing becomes a VR horror game in this train safety campaign Interactive (video) Apr 12, 2018

Head of TV

Title Medium Date
McDonald's: Les Amis Video Jul 13, 2017
McDonald's Pickles and Ice Cream Anchor Sweet Stories About Friendship and Love Video Jul 13, 2017
McDonald's: La Porte Video Jul 12, 2017
Fontyou: Fresh Fonts Video Apr 20, 2015
Fontyou: Fresh Fonts Print (Slideshow) Apr 20, 2015
SNCF: LET'S LEAVE Video Sep 11, 2014
Girl Hooks Up With Pinocchio and. . . Video Nov 07, 2013
The Less Clothing, The Lower The Man's I.Q. Video May 23, 2013
Nissan Qashqai: Stylish Impact Video Nov 23, 2011


Title Medium Date
Scan This Interactive Kids' Wallpaper to Find a Bedtime Story Interactive (video) May 30, 2017
McDonald's Fires Back at Burger King in France With a Road Sign Prank Print (video) Feb 25, 2016

TV Producer

Title Medium Date
Nissan Europe: Built to Thrill Video Mar 13, 2012
Christian Dior: Dior J'Adore Video Sep 06, 2011
Aides: Clever Dick Video Apr 05, 2011
Aides: A Life Video Nov 30, 2010