Maximiliano Ibarra

Agency Editor

Title Medium Date
Beep Beep! Mattress Brand Keeps Drivers Awake By Placing Alarm in Radio Interactive (video) May 09, 2014

Agency Producer

Title Medium Date
A trans staffer flees a hostile work environment in this job search ad with a twist Video Apr 11, 2018
This Funny Ad Illustrates the Plight of a Non-Millennial in a Millennial World Video Sep 21, 2017
Piero: Asleep - Office Video Apr 20, 2015

Agency Production

Title Medium Date
Fargo: Centre Video May 06, 2016
Women's Lives, As Told Through Delicious Sandwiches Video May 06, 2016
Fargo: Limites Video May 06, 2016

Audiovisual Production

Title Medium Date
Pequeno Editor: Tree Book Tree Video May 04, 2015


Title Medium Date
Fargo: Eco Sponge Video Apr 14, 2015
Jeep: The Landscape Song Video Apr 07, 2015
Piero Mattresses: Snooze Radio Video May 08, 2014