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A Resourceful Kitty Delivers Holiday Magic in This Adorable New York Lottery Ad Video Nov 28, 2017
The Biggest Gifts Are Sometimes the Smallest in Holiday Ad From the USPS Video Nov 06, 2017
Bad Download Speed Makes for a Terrifying Ghost Story in Halloween Spot From FIOS Video Oct 27, 2017
Medieval Knights Choose the NY Lottery's Better Odds Over Likely Death in Spot for Take 5 Video Oct 16, 2017
'Stranger Things' Star Gaten Matarazzo Recommends FIOS to His Neighbors in Verizon's Latest Spot Video Sep 18, 2017
This Touching NY Lottery Ad Shows Material Wealth Isn't Everything Video Aug 07, 2017
Qualcomm is Fine With You Checking Your Phone During Its Commercials Video Jun 26, 2017
Why Have the Chick-Fil-A Cows Listed Their Barn on Homestay? Video May 24, 2017
Lysol Celebrates the Fierce Animals That Are Moms Video May 01, 2017
George Clooney Goes on a Road Trip Through Hollywood History for Nespresso Video Apr 26, 2017
Thomas Middleditch and Verizon Save a Family in Distress in Brand's Latest Ad Video Apr 10, 2017
A Neighborhood Basketball Hoop Rains Money in This New York Lottery Stunt Video Mar 29, 2017
State Street Global Advisors: The Fearless Girl (Video) Video Mar 07, 2017
Best of 2017 Print/OOH/Design--No. 1: 'Wall Street's Iconic 'Charging Bull' Statue Has Met Its Match: 'Fearless Girl' Print (image) Mar 07, 2017
'Silicon Valley' Actor Thomas Middleditch Drops the Mic for Verizon's Unlimited Data Plan Video Feb 13, 2017
Chick-fil-A's First Work From McCann NY Shows Cows Know VR Video Feb 10, 2017
Geoffrey Rush as Einstein Plays Lady Gaga on the Violin in NatGeo Super Bowl Ad Video Feb 03, 2017
A Family Lives in a Half a House in Latest Verizon FIOS Spot Video Jan 23, 2017
How Many Ways Can You Illustrate Instant Speed? This Verizon FIOS Spot Has Plenty Video Jan 18, 2017
This Uplifting Dog Walker Ad Might Piss You Off in the End Video Jan 09, 2017
Godiva's Amazing New Chocolate Box Is Truly the Gift That Keeps on Giving Video Dec 08, 2016
USPS Fulfills a Little Girl's Hippo Dreams on Christmas in This Adorable Spot Video Nov 14, 2016
Toddlers Kill -- Satirical Ad From Brady Campaign Is Based on Shocking Truth Video Oct 17, 2016
Cigna Employs TV Doctors in Campaign to Help Save Real Lives Video Sep 08, 2016
A Wall of Screens Introduces Viewers to Verizon's Higher Wireless Speeds Video Aug 31, 2016
Cranky John McEnroe Discovers How Obsolete the Cable Guy Is in Ad for Verizon's Fios App Video Aug 01, 2016
Cute Alert: Tommee Tippee Pairs Orphan Animals With Smart Packaging Idea Video Jul 25, 2016
'My Boobs Are in the Way!' These Smart-Mouthed Girls Shine Light on an Important Cause Video May 17, 2016
Girls Who Code: Menses Video May 17, 2016
Girls Who Code: Boobs Video May 17, 2016
Girls Who Code: Beauty Video May 17, 2016
Best of 2016 No. 5 Integrated/Interactive: Kids Ride a Bus to Mars in Virtual Reality Experience From Lockheed Martin Video Apr 19, 2016
Mucinex's Wise-Cracking Booger Accosts Travelers at JFK Airport Interactive (video) Mar 16, 2016
The New York Lottery Has an Amazing Idea for Taming That Cord Monster Video Feb 10, 2016
Parents, General Mill's Latest Ad May Exhaust You to Tears Video Jan 19, 2016
Office Depot: The Co-worker Collection - Death Metal Guy Video Nov 10, 2015
Office Depot: The Co-worker Collection - Germaphobe Video Nov 10, 2015
Office Depot: The Co-worker Collection - Montage Video Nov 10, 2015
Hand Sanitizer Is Gift That Keeps on Giving in Office Depot's Holiday Campaign Video Nov 10, 2015
George Clooney's First American Ad for Nespresso Sees Him 'Train' Danny DeVito Video Nov 02, 2015
New York Lottery: You'd Make a Way Better Rich Person Print (Slideshow) Nov 02, 2015
New York Lottery: Staples Video Nov 02, 2015
New York Lottery: Pet Whisperer Video Nov 02, 2015
New York Lottery: Wine Bath Video Nov 02, 2015
You'd Make a Way Better Rich Person, Says New York Lotto Campaign Video Nov 02, 2015
Parenting Advice to Wipe Your Baby's Bum With Video Aug 17, 2015
Beautiful Mural Shows What Clueless Americans Think Cinco De Mayo Represents Print (video) May 05, 2015
McCann Creates New ID Cards for the Former Sterling Cooper Staff Print (Slideshow) May 04, 2015
Jose Cuervo Makes an Out-of-This-World Margarita, Literally Video Feb 26, 2015
Kids With Condoms, Tampons and Dildos Make Big Point About Gun Safety Print (Slideshow) Feb 13, 2015
Gay Black Dads Share Images of Their Family Life in Nikon Campaign Video Jan 15, 2015
Dildos Fight Gun Violence in Seriously Funny New Ad Video Jun 26, 2014
General Mills Chex Mix: Chex Mix Combos Video Jun 03, 2014
Hollywood Icons Meet the Stars of Today in American Airlines' Oscars Ads Print (Slideshow) Feb 27, 2014
Celebrate National Margarita Day with 200+ Years of Cuervo Interactive (Slideshow) Feb 20, 2014
Terry Bradshaw is No Match for Verizon's Gridiron Girl, Ella Video Jan 08, 2014
Sign a Petition With What Matters -- Your Voice Interactive (video) Dec 05, 2013
Verizon Fios' New Spokesgirl Will School You in Football Video Sep 30, 2013
Nature Valley Holds 'Quietest Show on Earth' with Andrew Bird Interactive (video) Sep 03, 2013
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Ikea: A World Without Textiles Video Jul 13, 2012
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MasterCard: New Friends Video Jul 20, 2011