Media Monks


Title Medium Date
Samsung: The Samsung Smart TV Stare Battle Interactive (video) Aug 03, 2011

Digital Producer

Title Medium Date
Snickers: Foosball Print (video) Apr 30, 2013
R U Mispeling Becos Ur Hungrie? Snikkers Can Help Interactive (video) Apr 30, 2013
Snickers: Foosball Video Feb 10, 2005

Digital Production

Title Medium Date
ING Netherlands: What's It Going To Be? Video Jun 06, 2014

Digital Production Company

Title Medium Date
Waitrose's Delectable Holiday Spot Will Make Your Mouth Water Video Nov 04, 2015

Hardware and Software Producer

Title Medium Date
Samsung's Galaxy Surfboard Helps Make Surfing a 'Social' Sport Video May 09, 2016

Hello Mars Weather App

Title Medium Date
Best of 2016 No. 5 Integrated/Interactive: Kids Ride a Bus to Mars in Virtual Reality Experience From Lockheed Martin Video Apr 19, 2016


Title Medium Date
The Internet in 1868: Assassin's Creed Builds a Victorian Search Engine Interactive (Slideshow) Oct 06, 2015

Production Company

Title Medium Date
Corona Rebrands Cans in Mexico to Help Earthquake Relief Effort Print (image) Dec 13, 2017
Corona Mexico: Mexico Extra Beer Can Video Dec 13, 2017
An Enormous, Mysterious Beast Looms Over the World in KLM's Latest Ad Video Aug 10, 2015
It's Hard Not to Fall in Love With This Ikea Family Interactive (video) Aug 19, 2014
Experience the Nighttime Secrets of Marseille via New Google Campaign Interactive (video) Apr 03, 2014

Sound Director

Title Medium Date
A Little Boy's Talisman Brings Luck in Allegro's Charming Christmas Ad Video Nov 27, 2017