Miami Ad School,


Title Medium Date
TRASH2TRASH: People Clean Up NYC By Trashing Their Least Favorite Celebrity Images Jun 15, 2016
Emoji Sentiment Video Jun 08, 2016
Bic: Say What You Mean Print (image) Jun 06, 2016
Tinder: Donate a Match Interactive (video) Jun 01, 2016
Tesla: Tesla Reef (Spec) Video Feb 26, 2016
AT&T: Drop Your Weapon Images Feb 26, 2016
Fuze Tea: Fuze Tea Latin American Launch Images Jan 10, 2016
Truth: Mirror Mirror (SPEC) Interactive (Slideshow) Jan 05, 2016
Fiat: Fiat Time Machine (Spec) Interactive (Slideshow) Jan 05, 2016
Pantone: Colors for Sarajevo (SPEC) Video Jul 06, 2015
Clorox Green Works: Colors As They Should Be (SPEC) Print (image) Apr 23, 2015
Walmart: The Sleepover (SPEC) Video Apr 02, 2015
WWF: Putting Ebola to Bed (SPEC) Video Mar 12, 2015
VitaCoco Water: VitaCoco Not Your Everyday Coconut (SPEC) Video Mar 12, 2015
PSA: Negative Space of Mind Print (Slideshow) Mar 12, 2015
Dollar Shave Club: Mustache March (SPEC) Video Mar 02, 2015 Hit This (SPEC) Video Feb 26, 2015
M&M's: Mmove Vending Machine (SPEC) Print (Slideshow) Feb 17, 2015
Miami Ad School: Interactive (video) Feb 12, 2015
Bud Light: Bud Light Plays Cupid (SPEC) Interactive (image) Feb 05, 2015
Pantone: 2018 LGBT (SPEC) Video Feb 05, 2015
Axe: Axe Second Base (SPEC) Interactive (Slideshow) Feb 04, 2015
PEZ: PEZ Art (SPEC) Video Dec 17, 2014
Preparation H: A Tiny Difference (SPEC) Print (Slideshow) Dec 10, 2014
Halloween Spirit: Halloween: Death takes over LinkedIn to bring families together Video Oct 28, 2014
PSA: Aids is going to lose Video Oct 16, 2014
Ben & Jerry's: Make your magic (SPEC) Video Oct 15, 2014
Standard Chartered: Re-friend (SPEC) Video Oct 14, 2014
Ricola: Make Sure Good News Sounds Like Good News (SPEC) Images Oct 12, 2014
AT&T: Data Share (SPEC) Video Oct 11, 2014
ASOS: Shared Shipping (SPEC) Print (image) Oct 08, 2014
Tylenol Cold: Some colds are worth getting (SPEC) Print (image) Oct 07, 2014
Newcastle Brown Ale: Newcastle Brown Ale (SPEC) Images Oct 03, 2014
Nox: Nox Images Oct 01, 2014
Nevada Resort Association: Light it Up (Spec) Video Sep 25, 2014
Coca-Cola: Get Closer Straw Valentine's Day (Spec) Images Sep 21, 2014
ESPN X Games: Winter X Games Non-Traditional (Spec) Images Sep 18, 2014
Penguin Books: Penguin Educational Audiobooks. (Spec) Print (image) Sep 05, 2014
BBC News: BBC News Feeder (spec) Video Sep 02, 2014
Google Glass: Google ReMind (spec) Video Aug 06, 2014
Save the Walls: Pop Up Public Art Images May 16, 2014
NFC Tech lets subway riders download book chapters from posters Interactive (video) Mar 12, 2013
Miami Ad School: Apple Donation Box Interactive (video) Nov 09, 2012
KY: Come Together Interactive (video) Sep 28, 2012